Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is Witchhunting Genetic - related to a Haplogroup?

Date Line May 3, 2007

One thesis has it that superiority and inferiority is in the genetic structure. Under this thesis we can assert race superiority where the comparative races are “pure”.

Do you know many places in America where people can claim purity of their genetic structure? We have had interbreeding since forever.

How about other nations? Where can we assert purity of haplogroup?

India has a caste system. There is a separation of haplogroups which is not technically pure, but is certainly distinguishable into something approaching two branches: the Brahmin, or Temple privileged, and everyone else.

Apparently, when it comes to the belief in magic, those of rural India are not much different than our evangelical Christian population; or the Christian population of medieval Europe.

Oh how upset the idiots are already becoming. The last thing they want online is someone who points out their historical consistencies.

Black Magic, witchcraft, superstitious mumbo-jumbo. It is alive, well and burning people to death. It seems the practice of what we might term holistic medicine, or that which anthropologist call traditional medicine, is black magic near the southern India city of Hyderabad .

It is there that Sayanna and his wife Pochamma were doused with kerosene and burnt alive for healing people.

A year ago, in Uttar Pradesh, a barber saw a vision of the Hindu Goddess Kali and slit his four-year-old son’s throat as a sacrifice. If not for the deity not saying stop, it kinda makes one think of Abraham.

Imagine a modern industrialized culture which has not progressed, in a spiritual sense, in over thirty-five hundred years. But that shouldn’t be a surprise, we have a President who believes Creationism is a valid science.

OK! Bush is a bad example. He also believes you can impose democracy, and a love of America, on a nation engaged in a 1400 year old civil war; and where 70 percent of the people want us to butt out and stop killing their kids.

In India dozens of women are murdered each year for practicing witchcraft. In that region of the world, tens of dozens of woman are murdered each year simply for being women; the excuse really doesn’t matter.

In America, women are killed for having medical problems which require termination of a pregnancy. Granted, the murderers are not as honest as they are in the third world; here they say killing the fetus is murder, so they will forbid the termination and ensure the death of both mother and fetus. Murder is murder, regardless of the trappings.

One must wonder if there is a common haplogroup, or gene involved?
Obviously, as we wander through the history of Europe, and R1a/R1a1 haplogroup associations with developments, we will also need to look at regions where superstitious racist outbreaks have occurred.

As a thesis. Those with a continued history of superstition and racism may well be the inferior race they seek to exterminate. They might well be bringing the world to a state of total devastating war as a subconscious attempt to exterminate themselves.

That would go a long way to explaining the Bush Administration, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell; it would also explain Osama Bin Laden and his ilk. Wouldn’t that be funny?


Elizabeth said...

Yes, but how do you FEEL?


I'm such a woman.

Interesting articles, journalistic, indeed. I do wonder, though, what pounds the heart of such intelligence.

Such are the eternal wonderings of women about men.

Bill said...

"What pounds the heart"?
The search for intelligence in the universe... and the search for a woman who can balance a checkbook.