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WE are the rational people

Date Line March 14, 2007

To this point, yDNA has linked us to the early origins of religion; and established the premise that they all relate back to one people, in one geographic location.

Implicit in the understanding of the reality of “spiritual” connections, or identity, is an understanding of both logic and ego – as we are told by most texts “Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.”

Common to the belief systems, those which survived the process, is the focus on knowledge and learning; with a specific focus on reading and writing. Unless the doctrine and belief system can be expressed in a coherent “timeless” format, the underlying beliefs cannot stand.

Moreover, unless the structure contains some logical core, it cannot withstand the evolution of the culture. Christianity and Islam are the most recent entries into the battle. Both originate in the same region and with the same people. Both are built on the ancient texts of the Hebrew Books.

However, both these “modern” religions bring superstition and blind obedience to the forefront. In Christianity we must believe in the supernatural and – picking up on the flood narrative – an ignorant deity, one which does not know how to achieve its goals, one which makes mistakes and, in these forms, requires man to correct them.

The utilization of man echoes one view of the Exodus. However, in Exodus, and earlier in the Garden story, man is manipulated – he is told what will happen and then it is made to happen.

In Eden, the goal of giving man knowledge – and a drive for eternal life – is hidden in the fall, the temptation which foreknowledge would declare must, logically, be tested. Eve, the storehouse of logic and the guide for man’s evolution, tests the fruit with her own life before offering it to her mate.

In the flood, natural events are used to declare the destruction of a single people – and the survival of the one who could see it coming. We are told it was “universal” and that the dead were a “mistake.”

In earlier versions, the dead were simply “too loud’; they made too much “noise” – as opposed to intelligent sounds of speech, analysis, or discussion. In earlier versions the flood lasted seven days; in the new, creation was seven days and the flood forty.

The logic took over – nobody experienced a forty day period of non-stop rain; but many knew seven days, and so knew that its waters could not cover the world.

The earlier seven days was consistent with what the originators did know – the Adriatic flooded quickly, and wiped out their homes in an instant, sending some survivors to the high ground, and seeing other cast adrift in boats, or structures. Logically, it was necessary to save the livestock – and the ark story was born.

Logically, it was also an absolute necessary that “other people” be explained – in the Hebrew, these are the sons of the sons of the deity; who, coincidently, serve to explain the differences in life spans.

The illogical, the “others” we find inferred from the Garden of Eden, and specified in Gilgamesh as a lower species, later known as the barbarians – the stupid, or the superstitious we see in the evangelical communities of many faiths – are inferior people.

Eden is delightful in it’s inference that we are “all the children of” a deity. This is then brought into focus with the flood story – the children of the divine sons of Hashem – are restricted to 120 years of life, and so – with our lives restricted to 120 years – the “chosen people” become the grandchildren of Hashem.

Naturally, those who are inferior die even younger. All advanced cultures share the a priori reality that they are superior because they live longer. In Herodotus the debate is between those who live 80 years, and those who live 120 – with the implicit element that all other societies live shorter lives and are thus inferior.
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