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Silk Road: Levites and Brahmin - Same? People

Every day is another one to survive. Every week, every month, and every year – more days to survive. An obligation toward survival is imposed on us, and extends thru the centuries and millennia. But do you think of survival – surviving thousands of years, with minor changes, but never experiencing the reality of death?

That is the truth of life as seen from the perspective of you genetic gender information. Every daughter extends the life of a maternal grandmother. Every father the life of a paternal grandfather. Every child carries on an ancestral gender line which made history.

Biblically, Aaron’s sons were to be hereditary priests over Israel – genetically they must exist in an objectively identifiable form; and they do. For these Cohen’s there is a combination of alleles which have been labeled the Cohanim Modal Haplotype.

In any family, where sons had fathers to give them life, there exists a Modal Haplotype which tracks the actions or movements of each male who went before. For my bloodline I call it, “The Silk Road Modal Haplotype” (SMH) – and for good reason..

In researching yDNA as a tool for genealogy – a possible means of locating the family of ancestor, Jeremias, who was orphaned during the Thirty Years War and related plague period – I found, scholarly papers on yDNA recovered from ancient graves, and also used to discover the origins and migrations of various peoples.

The six genetic points used in the papers, were also points provided when I had my yDNA tested. Consistent with such papers, the data which was utilized was tabulated and presented. Using Google the information, the query format, slowly took shape and I was getting papers on Mongolian grave excavations, and Brahmins in India.

Two thousand years ago, a man with my SMH was buried in the same area where, some years ago, they had found the mummy of a blond haired oriental princess. In India, a considerable number of Brahmins also have my SMH – they are about as numerous as the Cohanim are among the Ashkenazi.

The Silk Road was an ancient land and sea trade route extending from the amber mines of Scandinavia to Egypt and from Egypt to China. Mention the Silk Road and maybe the name Marco Polo is brought to mind; but Polo traveled it when he was ten, in 1264, and by then, the route had been used (by my ancestors) for 2,000 years.

The Jewish presence on the Silk Road is well documented; but it is only speculation as to what “tribe” they belonged to. The yDNA implies they were Ashkenazi traveling in Scythian spoke-wheeled chariots.

Within the Indian caste system, Brahmin could be viewed as either Cohanim, or Levites, who claim origin with seven Vedic tribes in the period of the Israel diaspora of 722 BCE, which was followed, in 588 BCE, by a second exile – both of which placed Jews in the region of the Caucasus Mountains near the Kingdom of Colchis..

In his “Histories” (440 BCE, Bk 2), Herodotus may have provided confirmation of the survival of the “lost tribes” when he reported a people, who looked Egyptian, practiced circumcision in Colchis. Colchis is the Biblical (Gen 10:3) Ashkenaz. (To be Continued)

Using DYS19/DYS388/DYS390/DYS391/DYS392/DYS393
SilkRoad Modal Haplotype (SMH) values are 17-12-24-11-11-13
Cohanim Modal Haplotype (CMH) values are 14-16-23-10-11-12

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