Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Frustration ... Elation ... A New Year

What do you do when elation meets frustration? I guess you begin with the frustrated laughter at the Right-wingers.

They hung Saddam – hung & buried – to which Major General William Caldwell, washing hands of the matter, proclaimed: It's a sovereign nation. It's their system, they make those decisions." Yet Bush, not they determine if we stay – define ‘sovereign nation’.

At home, Bush says a balanced the budget by 2012 – not by cutting war costs, but by reforming “ Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid so future generations of Americans can benefit from these vital programs without bankrupting our economy" You are not entitled to retirement or medical care comparable to Europe & Japan.

More troops have died in Iraq than people died on 9/11 – Bin Laden enjoys better medical care than the average American and is living the retirement lifestyle of his choice. You get death and nothing more.
The Right-wing proudly denies global warming. It’s easy to deny – just ignore the melting ice caps and buildings which are sinking into defrosting permafrost. Rising seas have sunk the island of Lohachara, India, rendering 10,000 people homeless. Our gallant soldiers stand before a bull’s-eye in an Islamic sectarian war. Denial Rules!

One in four Americans (Right-wing stooges) believe that their savior shall soon come; far more Moslems believe he, Isa, will be leading an Islamic army to crush the Right-wing (they define as bad Christians).

Armageddon is a funny game – a wish made on the Monkey’s Paw – “Ask and ye shall receive.” The stupidity can get rather frustrating.

The elation? That comes from more information on genetic origins in the quest to know the roots of Jeremias Shrecongast. Research papers are showing his haplotype (DNA family marker) along the Silk Road. The “blood whisper” is becoming spoken word and story.

Over the weeks ahead, as the story unfolds, it will be revealed to you. The facts will, to some degree, introduce myth and legend – but all because they are touched, or introduced, by appearance of a family member. Modestly, these are the people who invented “culture.”

You know the tale of Jeremias, refugee, orphan, Shekn-geste – a child of scared guests, whose existence was registered at a Lutheran Church in 1639, during the Thirty Year’s Wars (1618-1648).

The haplotype proclaims Jeremias Sorbian. Thus he was from the battleground along the German-Bohemian territorial border. We can also assert that he was probably a Levite and Ashkenazi – his type, with a rare allele, matches those in the biblical territory of Ashkenaz – identified with the great-grandson of Noah (Gen 10). This is the land of the Scythian, who were the first to ride horses, master working iron, and creators of spoked wheels.

To the immediate south of Ashkenaz is Turkey – the land where the famous “Lost Tribes of Israel”were last documented. Ashkenaz is also the location of Colchis which Herodotus (440 BCE) said are the only peoples, besides Egyptians, to practice circumcision.

The “Lost Tribes” would have had hereditary rabbis, descendants of Aaron, who carry a unique Haplotype marker – known as the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CHM). Accordingly, I named mine “The Silkroad Modal Haplotype (SMH)” and we shall follow where it leads.


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