Monday, September 11, 2006

Shadow is gone

Dippy mutt died on the porch while I was at the store ... not that it means much to anyone but me ... I hate death ... if it were an entity ... I guess it would yell at me for being stupid, for not thinking, for being me ... Shadow is gone. He should have been with his children – but their mother didn’t want him. She said she did, but, in the end, she said to get rid of him ... that was six years ago ... perverse ... now I have my 9/11 loss and place it higher than, of more significance than, the stupid buildings or the people or the idiotic war and all those Bush has murdered or caused to have murdered ... A dippy dog dies ... a little shitsu ... don’t even know how old he was ... Well ... why should you care ... the kids don’t – they didn’t care when their grandma died, why would they care about a stupid dog ... they don’t care if I’m alive or dead ... they bad mouth their other parents ... and each other ... about 2:30 9/11 a stupid dog died and created the only justification for tears that I can imagine. Screw ya all and the train that brought ya!

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