Thursday, September 07, 2006

Defining the Left-wing for the right

A rather disgruntled reader asked that I define “what the Left-wing wants, prays for, is helping to create.” It is an interesting problem – so many have moved to the center, become directionless moderates, that we have lost our “Left-wing.”

There are splinter groups, factions which espouse the ideals that once existed; but their focus has become too narrow to be defined as a “wing”. Rather they have become movements, entities out of touch and without coherent direction.

Rather than seek out what doesn’t seem to exist, we can look at where they would be – if they got their act together, thus defining what could be called a Left-wing agenda.

Two thousand years ago, Hillel taught that we should not do to our neighbor what we would not have done to us – all history and law is thus reduced to an explanation of that wise dictate.

You do not start wars or kill innocents; but, when attacked, you hit, and hit back hard enough to ensure the aggressor loses all ability to be aggressive. Do to others as they do to you – and do it right.

A student of Hillel grew into a man and taught the Golden Rule. He personalized the treatment we inflict upon others as being done to him, and admonished his followers to adhere to the Rule.

The Left advocates single-payer healthcare. With the exception of America, every industrialized nation has it, and has found it cheap and efficient enough to render them healthier than we are.

Bush’s Right-wing has argued that they are above humane law, that they have the right to mistreat prisoners, to deny veteran’s and average citizens medical care, to spend $11 million an hour killing Iraqis while the victims of Katrina go homeless for years.

These actions by the Right-wing constitute direct violation of the mandate and lesson contained in Matthew 25:35-46. And lest you not understand, when standing before a judge, keep in mind that our right would be his left – so for those who believe such things, there is a real warning in 25:41.

To be on the judges right requires a witness, or defendant, be to the left of the bench. And that explains, defines, “what the Left-wing wants, prays for, is helping to create.” And also what the Right-wing, through its deeds, or lack there of, demonstrates it opposes.

Previous columns mentioned, “May the Messiah come, but I not be there to see it.” It is the Yiddish approach to Apocalyptic thought.

Pray for a first, or second, coming and the prayer is to see the Four Housemen of the Apocalypse, a prayer for Death and Hades to claim innocent souls. The moral do not wish innocents to die.

The right-wing is irrational: to flush an embryo down a toilet is acceptable, to first harvest its stem cells makes it murder. The right doesn’t care about embryonic life, it cares about stopping research to save the lives of the living. They feed Death and provide Hades with souls, they violate Matthew by aiding fulfillment of The Revelation.

The Yiddish expression recognizes Hillel’s teaching, and that the goal of life is to strive to mitigate the power of the horsemen within your lifetime. Deny the Greek deity, Hades, your soul.

What does the Left-wing want, pray for, endeavor to create? A world in which healthy people can live out their 120 years at peace, and on a healthy planet. Clearly no part of the Right-wing agenda.


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