Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oil and prophecy end the world -- enjoy

Characteristically, this comes from people who assert literal truth – but seem unable to take things literally. Example, Matthew 24 & 25 begins with the destruction of the temple and says, “this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.”

Those who missed it – were born later – and those in denial of it talking about them, continue to push things into a metaphorical future; but the events happened on schedule, within the then know, Judaic world.

The “generation” was the life of all those living when the words were spoken. It was said in the same way we talk of the passing of the last World War I veteran; the last of the Holocaust survivor; or even of the last Civil War widow who died 140 years after the war ended. The living connection is the meaning of “this generation.”

Within 40 years of the prophecy, we know Rome leveled the Temple stones, and an era of Judaic history ended. St Igneous tells of John stating that his “apocalyptic vision”, Revelation, had started – John died circa 104 CE.

As a quick overview – During the Babylonia exile, a prophecy of a Messiah came to be. What the alleged “faithful” failed to consider was the complete prophecy – that the Messiah would FAIL.

That’s right, find that Bible your grandma left you, and start reading – Google it. Get a start and see the stupidity of the current generation of Right-wing “faithful” – those supreme, destructive and bigoted idiots who wave the Book about, but seldom read it.

Circa year 30 CE, we are told by the alleged Messiah – the guy doomed to fail – that the temple would be destroyed within the lifetime of his audience.

About 40 years later, Rome destroys it as part of their suppression of a Judaic rebellion. Now the clock starts ticking – the Millennium Clock. After 30 CE, the “Messiah” appears to John and tells him how things will play out – that Apocalyptic prophecy, the Revelation of St. John, the great war and then return to ... WHAT?

Did Jesus “rule” for a thousand years? Of course he did – he did as “Vicarius Christi”.

The “Holy Roman Empire” whose “Vicarius Christi” – Vicarius in Latin means “Substitute for”, but is expressed in English as “Vicar of Christ” – effectively reigns for 1000 years; while also fulfilling Matthew 24:24-25. The Norman invasion, in 1066, is an end marker.

We are told the “Son of Man” would appear in the clouds; this is the vision before Constantine The Great’s victory, resulting in the Edict of Milan (313 AD). The John Wycliffe – whose creation of an English language Bible has the Church sentence him to death (1384) – is an end marker, and precursor to the emergence of Protestantism.

The focus is Judaic areas of habitation, and so we have mention of the Gog and Magog. In 440, Herodotus tells us the Colchis had acquired circumcision from the Egyptians. Circumcision is said to have started with Abraham and then entered Egypt with Joseph – and could infer that the Colchis were of Judaic origin.

Colchis is a region on the Caspian Sea – the area of Gog and Magog – is home of the Khazars. Ahmad ibn Fadlan (c.922) wrote: "The Khazars and their king are all Jews." A statement which is confirmed by many, including Khazars royal documents in Hebrew.

In 1161, Abraham ibn Daud (Spain) wrote: "The Khazar king Joseph sent a letter to Hasdai ibn-Shaprut and informed him that he and all his people followed the rabbinical faith. We have seen descendants of the Khazars in Toledo, students of the wise, ...”

Interestingly, the Khazars went through a Moses like return to tradition, or conversion, circa 740. Within the same period, we find Judaic settlements in China and India. Basically, we are viewing the famed “Silk Road” – established by Jewish merchants, the Radhani – which ended by thousandth anniversary of the Temple destruction.

The Khazars went to the Carpathian Mountains where they became known as Ashkenazi, thence – concurrent with the emergence of America, the USA – some of them became Hasidic. Among Christian and Jew, there are those who await a King – who would set aside Democracy for Theocracy, for a western version of Sharia Law.

What of Islamic prophecy – look at how they fight among themselves. Is there really an heir to Mohamed who will unify and lead them in a victorious battle against the “evil Christians” – a leader fighting with Christ for ... for what?

Well, look back. 66 CE to 1066; 70 CE to 1070; that is the rule of the millennium. This was followed by the First Crusade in 1095 – and even though this nonsense continued through 1291, it ended with Islam victorious – as was prophesied.

OK, the purists and perfectionists will want to polish the dates and events – the idiots will argue that they aren’t “perfect” and so have no validity. But idiots are idiots – just look at the Christian Right and their Creationism. How stupid are they? How much more stupid are those who fail to lift voices denouncing that stupidity?

There are those who would be slaves, and those who would be free. There are those who would live in the world that was, and those that would live in the new world – but the politics remain the same.

The basis of Right-wing scriptural doctrine is the destruction of democracy – servitude to a king. This is the basis of Islamic doctrine – continued servitude to kings, to those who claim authority through their bloodline connection to Mohamed.

They are also seeking a mystical Imam – who, what, when, where, depends on the sect. The sects will kill each other – they will stop the flow of Middle Eastern oil and, eventually, someone will prevail.

By then, this single king will be sitting on the only remaining oil reserves in the world – everyone else have depleted their reserves while denying the reality of limited quantity depletion. Islam will rule the world – because the military needs oil, fighter planes need oil, tanks need oil ... as Hitler’s Germans discovered, there is no victory without oil.

Islam will have the oil – DUH

If that reality sinks in, prophecy repeats itself and we have another Crusade – an honest one. Not a repeat of the bull which started Iraq. We will go for the oil and nuke any nation that has it – one strike, first strike, the Great Satan will prevail ... and produce a new religion which proves we are the chosen of God and doing His work.

Because there is only a few decades of oil available for consumption, you might even live to see it. Enjoy the war.


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