Thursday, July 20, 2006

It occurred to me

It occurred to me, Jesus will win. But Christianity must lose, must pass away with other pagan traditions and rituals.

His was a faith of solitude – to go into your room and pray, not to a temple, church, or mosque to be seen in your “devotion” to ... to what? Your own self-aggrandizement?

Judaism will survive. That is, when all the bull has been removed; that is the faith which Jesus taught. Oh, the laws will pass. He said so. And we see them pass. We see the end to sacrifices at the Temple. The end to stoning. The end to many “laws” which outlived their time and purpose.

Other laws will continue. It is necessary to treat your neighbor as you would be treated. And to treat them as they treat you. Both, not either, are necessary laws – together they keep people “honest.” After all, you would not hurt your neighbor, not when you know the law requires he hurt you in return. Tit-for-tat ... and all that.

We have no need for martyrs. No civilized faith would. The martyr is a fool; or the bravest of the brave. It depends on why they are martyred. Maimonides held that – if we have the choice between swearing an oath of conversion, or death, we convert. We swear the oath and choose life. Life, continued passing on of the genetics that makes for advancement of a species – that is the primary obligation. Cycles of power end. We return to our true and proper paths – but only if we live.

Today we see many lines die. They die for want of children, for a failure to reproduce. But, if we look, if we examine genealogy, we see that these lines were struggling to fade. The only child comes from a line of only children, or a line where children are rare – where they die young or are never conceived. The only child, the lack of children, comes from a line where having children was a chore and not a desire. We shall not reproduce.

It is said that all the souls shall return for judgment. Today, the earth has a population which is estimated to equal the sum of all the generations which preceded us. When this is true, when it is factual, we will see an end to the current civilization and the birth of a new, and smaller, one.

This, I suspect, will begin to be clear in thirty years. Around the year 2030/35/40. The planet itself will rebel against humanity – and humanity shall, once and for all time, rebel against itself.

Oil stores are depleting. There is no viable alternative to power the engines of war. There are those who will see this and take action – they will contrive and promote warfare. War, cataclysmic war, is necessary to establish what they – THEY – deem to be the key to power and their place in history. Their logic has them threaten the discontinuance of history in order to be a noted part of it. They are irrational. They are the terrorists and the George W Bush types. They are the killers of humanity – and they will do, will promote, what they do best ... the killing of all life on earth.

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