Wednesday, June 29, 2005

YEA BUSH - more war

Our great one -- the earthly deity of war and destruction -- has spoken. the war in Iraq must continue.

Certainly it must. If it stops, we could focus on the disaster which has ben wrought on our economy ... in three years we will have doubled the national debt it took this nation 200 years (and two world wars) to acquire.

Red Voters CHEER -- they have gotten what they were told they would get ... thus they have gotten what they wanted ...

but not all of it ....

Start your clocks --- eighteen months from MARK ... MARK!

What will happen? Nice of you Blue Voters to ask. The Reds are going to attack IRAN.

Wait, Wait for the 2006 election ... wait for the affirmation of GOP control based on fear of gay marriage ... wait ... and watch ... to stay the GOP course, Iran MUST be attacked.

the clock is ticking ...

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