Sunday, October 03, 2004

SWORD OF THE LORD - "W" the prophet

Condoleezza Rice, Bush's national security adviser, defended her claim in 2002 about former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's nuclear capabilities and laid the blame for faulty intelligence on departed CIA Director George Tenet. "I stand by to this day the correctness of the decision to take seriously an intelligence assessment that Saddam Hussein would likely have a nuclear weapon by the end of the decade if you didn't do something," she said.

Aside from blame-game nonsense, the interesting thing is that the immediate danger – which necessitated immediate attack on a nation we had already crippled with embargo and routine air strikes – was a maybe one weapon ten years from now ...

Well may pigs will fly if enough genetic research is done in that direction over the next thousand years. Hey Bush wackier and wackier ... If you had ten years to investigate and consider options, why was it so important to kill followers of Islam today?

While you’re considering the answer – remember the “Axis of Evil”? Korea and Iran – along with Iraq. Korea boasts a nuclear program and Iran is opening threatening development – were they attacked? Their threat is more immediate than any “possibly before end of decade” crap. The great expectation, post-election, is Bush deciding that killing followers of Islam, being a good Christian, mandates murdering Iranians too.

Oops, gave away the answer ...

October 5th sees the release of Ann Coulter's new DVD documentary, "Horns and Halos," – the Bush mystery year of 1972, while enjoying the Dick Cheney / John Edwards debate in Cleveland. Or get "George W. Bush: Faith in the White House," a DVD that is being specifically marketed in "head to head" partisan opposition to "Fahrenheit 9/11." Producers of this new Bush epic plan to distribute 300,000 copies of the $14.95 DVD to America's churches.

As reported by the New York Times:

“More than any other campaign artifact, it clarifies the hard-knuckles rationale of the president's vote-for-me-or-face-Armageddon re-election message. It transforms the president that the Democrats deride as a "fortunate son" of privilege into a prodigal son with the "moral clarity of an old-fashioned biblical prophet." Its Bush is not merely a sincere man of faith but God's essential and irreplaceable warrior on Earth.”

“As for the documentary's "research," a film positioning itself as a scrupulously factual "alternative" to "Fahrenheit 9/11" should not inflate Mr. Bush's early business "success" with Arbusto Energy (an outright bust for most of its investors) or the number of children he's had vaccinated in Iraq ("more than 22 million," the movie claims, in a country whose total population is 25 million).”

“"Will George W. Bush be allowed to finish the battle against the forces of evil that threaten our very existence?" Such is the portentous question posed at the film's conclusion by its narrator, the religious broadcaster Janet Parshall, beloved by some for her ecumenical generosity in inviting Jews for Jesus onto her radio show during the High Holidays. Anyone who stands in the way of Mr. Bush completing his godly battle, of course, is a heretic. Facts on the ground in Iraq don't matter.”

“The president - who after 9/11 called the war on terrorism a "crusade," until protests forced the White House to backpedal - is divine. He may not hear "voices" instructing him on policy, testifies Stephen Mansfield, the author of one of the movie's source texts, "The Faith of George W. Bush," but he does act on "promptings" from God. "I think we went into Iraq not so much because there were weapons of mass destruction," Mr. Mansfield has explained elsewhere, "but because Bush had concluded that Saddam Hussein was an evildoer" in the battle "between good and evil." So why didn't we go into those other countries in the axis of evil, North Korea or Iran?”

“To them, America is a "Christian nation," period, with no need even for the fig-leaf prefix of "Judeo-."”

Well, there you have it. Our President fight under a direct and explicit instruction from Almighty God – not just “God is on our side” logic and justification ... given the dropping of the Judea reference ... Bush is taking his marching orders from Jesus himself. So all ye good Christians had best get in line to die ... Armageddon is upon you and judgement day is neigh. Just as he declared the geneva Convention to be irrelevant in the war on terror, the great prophet “W” has now declared and end to the commandments – and changed them so “Thou Shalt Kill” all those pagan non-Christian infidels.

And that is why we started with Iraq – no need for WMD’s to justify actions of the great prophet “W”. You heard it in the debates – the great prophet “W” doesn’t answer to any mortal power – the great prophet “W”is almighty and all powerful in His judgment – logic and facts be damned, it is the judgment and steadfastness of the great prophet “W” that you must follow.

Yep. No question about it. The great prophet “W” will be re-elected to a second term and the infidels shall fall before the Sword of the Lord.

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