Monday, October 04, 2004

"right is wrong, wrong is right”

Sigh ...

Today has been a strange and frustrating day.

Have you ever been right when you are wrong?
Have you ever been wrong when you are right?
I’m coming off five years of that nonsense.

I don’t even have the strength left to scream – and today has been such a day ... that I can’t even get the energy to point out how stupid the current administration is, and how much harm they are threatening to bring to this nation if given another four years.


Being right when you are told you are wrong –

I had a court case stemming from my divorce. It managed to get to the State Supreme Court. Everyone, including me, knew they would find a basis to rule against me – it didn’t matter that the facts all supported my position ... we all knew the game was rigged.

No need to get into too many details. The ones that are important: The state agency was engaged in accounting fraud and wanted to use my divorce as a tool in that fraud. I protested. They brought it to a hearing, and the judge found for them – but not before I filed a complaint with the Department of Justice, and told the governor that they were cheating the state out of about two hundred million dollars. Sigh ...

Justice called the State, the state auditor suddenly discovered accounting “irregularities” that she had previously – for at least ten years – said were all perfectly acceptable. First it was only $19 million; then it became $60 million and then it topped $100 million – and everyone said, “we got it all. Just some accounting irregularities.”

I didn’t buy it. So I told them they hadn’t finished looking. I told the governor that it should be $200 million – keep digging. Long to short, topped out at over $220 million.

But that number didn’t get reported until the State Supreme Court – with all the facts and numbers – said “FINE.” And order the fraudulent accounting to be continued. Of course, they ruled against me – how else to continue it? Did the governor nail the perps? NOPE! He disbanded the state agency and created a new one with the same powers and a different name.

Do I care? I was right, but the court said ...
Was the State hurt? Some political black eyes that nobody saw. But in the end, because the books were made proper, the state came out to the good $75 million. They were using the accounting practice to cheat the federal Budget Office and Human Services. But, as strange as it might seem, they made more money by being honest.

Did they learn the lessen? NOPE! They’re doing it again – this time utilizing Property Taxes. But that might change on November 2nd – we’ll see if the voters are as dumb as the governor believes – probably are ... but the voting favors reform. Not because the voters have brains; but because they get a chance to get the politicians out of their pockets. We’ll see if The Palesky Tax Cap passes.

That’s enough ... we’ll catch the other example of “right is wrong, wrong is right” another time ... or just listen to Bush justify Iraq ... LOL ;-)

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