Thursday, October 28, 2004

Nixon had nothing on this president


You read it here first. The Babe Ruth’s curse has NOT been broken.

What we witnessed was a real life version of the “LADYHAWK EFFECT” – where a curse is lifted during a period of unique astrological occurrence. In the movie, that was a period where “day and night combine” – a solar eclipse.

The effect, as it applies to the Red Sox, can now be defined as being neutralized when the World Series coincides with a complete lunar eclipse.

Is this appraisal correct? The easiest test is to see when the Red Sox again win the World Series. The next lunar eclipse will be March 3rd 2007 – of note, the Red Sox won the pennant with four consecutive wins; they won the Series with four consecutive wins; there have been four total lunar eclipses in the past 18 months (include: May 15th 2003, Nov. 8th 2003, May 4th 2004). Keep in mind, there will be no more such events for twenty-seven months.


Republicans are out in force – falsifying voter registrations and changes in registrations from Democrat to Republican creating double registrations to invalidate the voter. Republicans in Florida are still prohibiting black voters from registering or voting – falsely claiming they are felons.

Nixon had nothing on this president

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