Friday, October 29, 2004

Four More Days = Four More Years

PAM BELLUCK writes in the New York Times , “What are Red Sox fans to do when the angst of being one of the world's greatest underdogs is gone?”

Fenway Park was the place to understand Calvinism in America, to learn that people sometimes fail and that failure can build character. "There's a crack in Calvinism now," Leslie Epstein – father of Theo the Red Sox General Manager – said. "Now, we're going to have to find something else. Maybe Bostonians will be secretly wishing for a Kerry loss so they can wail about that."

Why would they want a Kerry loss? The answer is simple. A Bush victory would be a loss for America; and possibly for the world. We are at a turning point in history. A time when being a superpower, the world’s only true superpower, places the whole concept of leadership into new perspectives. Is it leadership to ignore the true enemy in order to invent an enemy who can be easily attacked – but impossible to defeat?

Saddam Hussein now sits in solitary confinement. We have not charged him with any crime. We do not have the lawful authority to charge him – that rests with the International Court; and we have challenged their authority to review the actions of our President. How can we now seek their authority to prosecute the president of another nation – a president we deposed without just and honest cause?

Saddam Hussein was not attacked because of his actions of more than a decade ago. He was attacked because Bush 43 wanted to one-up Bush 41.
In so doing, Bush 43 left an acknowledged enemy of this nation free to plot, plan, and execute actions which threaten the security of our citizens and the citizens of every western nation.
In so doing, Bush 43 has provided Osama Bin Laden access to a strategically significant nation.
In so doing, Bush 43 has exposed the United State, and Europe, to the next Crusade – one which will, as was all the previous ones, be lost; only this time with catastrophic changes in world history.

“What are we to do when the angst of being the world's greatest superpower is gone?” Can we adapt to being a third world nation? A nation whose major exports are, and will remain, agricultural. A nation whose balance of trade reflects our dependency on other nations to provide the basic materials of everyday life. Will we have the stamina of a Japan – and learn to make products that are superior to their duplicated imports? For over a thousand years, Japan has done just that – they improved on swords and pottery from China; when, in the early 1800's, the British introduced textile manufacture, Japan soon perfected it and dominated world markets; we all know the quality of Japanese cars, and electronics; and SEATO generals have long stated that weapons assembled in Japan are superior to those assembled from the same components in the United States.

In the area of HEALTH CARE – which the Republican party has blocked, or hindered for decades – the average Japanese can expect to live 81.9 years. More important, they can expect to be active and healthy throughout at least 75 of those years. At the ages well over 70, Japanese are climbing to the peaks of Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro. Amazingly, this good health comes at a cost of only $6,500 per person – her in America, where we struggle to make it into our mid seventies in even passing health, the cost exceeds $7,055.

To put those costs in perspective: Gasoline in Japan is twice the highest cost currently experienced here. A friend has informed me that a common head of lettuce is now ten times the cost here. The per square foot cost of housing is also greater – by multiples. Yet their medical costs are less than ours, and if placed in the overall context of relative cost of living, a small fraction of what they are here. Interesting, Japan is a nation which must import everything – they just make use of everything more efficiently. The Japanese are leaders in the use of Solar and fiber optics. They are leaders in cellphone technology. They also “outsource” much of their manufacturing needs – under strict quality control; quality control which would cause the average American worker to be branded incompetent.

Can America survive four more years of Bush and Republican conservative practices?

Conservative – to Republicans – means tax breaks to the rich, record deficits, wasteful military spending, diminished security, nonexistent health care, undermining of retirement for those vested in industries damaged by Republican economic policies, and privatization of Social Security – which means the complete loss of that retirement system within the limited lifetime of the average American.

Restore the angst

Increase das SCHRECK (German for HORROR)

Destroy America – Re-Elect Bush 43

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