Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Nationally, the fact remains that Trump won by 3 million votes.

Trump fans shouldn't pretend blue states don't count  

or so says The Rachel Maddow Show / The MaddowBlog

But the argument is nonsense.  The argument is insane.
Nationally, the fact remains that Trump won by 3 million votes.  Clinton didn't win two high population states -- she actually won the vast majority in a couple of cities.    
If we want individual cities to determine who will be President, that's fine -- abandon the Electoral College ...  where defecting electors defected from Clinton by over a 2:1 margin.  Even the Democratic Electors said Clinton was NOT the person to be POTUS.
Even the Democratic Electors said Clinton was NOT the person to be POTUS.  And if electors had not, by state law, been denied the right to defect, Clinton would have lost those votes by over a three to one margin.
We can rant about Trump -- but all he actually did was defeat the Republicans at their own game.
Republicans have been training people to hate -- even hate themselves (they support the denial of health care to their families, they support the denial of a living Minimum Wage to their own people, force their families onto Public Assistance and then denounce people on Public Assistance).
The Republicans trained an idiot base.  But the average voter proved to be natural idiots -- 43% of eligible voters couldn't be troubled enough to exercise their right to vote.  YES! They will complain -- but to vote and let their voices mean something ... they are too stupid, too lazy, too incompetent. 
They allowed both houses of Congress to fall into the hands of people who have proven they hate the average citizen and wish only to inflict THE MOST HARM ON THE MOST PEOPLE.
But pundits whine and fill the airwaves with nonsense about Trump -- CONGRESS  makes the Law ... at best, Trump will get to sign them, or veto them.  But Congress will override any veto ... the people gave them the numbers to make the President irrelevant.

 THE MOST HARM ON THE MOST PEOPLE -- it will prove to be the legislation the people voted for.

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Anonymous said...

"Clinton's" electors who didn't cast their ballot for Clinton explicitly stated it was not because they didn't want Clinton. Here's why what they did was very smart:

1. Knowing they were not enough to reduce Trump's result below the required 270, and
2. Knowing that the the House of Representatives need to choose a President from one of the three candidates with the highest number of votes from the electoral college..

They had more than one vote for Colin Powell, and the rest didn't matter (hence the votes for Bernie and the Native American leader). That meant that the House of Reps *could* choose from Trump, Clinton, or Powell. While it was a long shot, it was much more likely than getting another 30 electors to vote against Trump.

And given the issues with some of the electors being ineligible, it could have (should have?) given the House a chance to elect someone besides Trump and Clinton into office...