Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CONFLICT OF INTEREST is now a Political Problem

CONFLICT OF INTEREST is now a Political Problem bordering on a congressional violation by those promoting "blind trust" rules which clearly go against the interest of Trump's children -- and the political family members who actually own their own businesses.
Based on The Ethics in Government Act, which the article claims states:
“Any officer or employee of a trustee or other entity who is involved in the management or control of the trust of a qualified trust” not be “a relative of any interested party.”
However, dose the law prohibit other interested parties from managing their own assets when one party enters government? Trump’s children have an active and vested interest in the TRUMP name brand that they own, promote, and, as executives in the various corporate entities are intimately involved in managing.
Can the Government force people – private citizens – to surrender their employment positions and personal control over their investment interests because a family member enters politics?
Blind trusts were not established for that purpose, and in that context appear to be an unconstitutional intrusion into the private sector.

For those "Who Don't Get It".  Consider a situation where the Elected official is a Lawyer who was in a Partnership position at a firm where a family member is also a Partner -- or possibly a Partner at another firm.
The act of Legislating Laws is a direct conflict of interest to a practicing Lawyer.  It is also a Conflict of Interest is a family member works for a firm representing those affected by the Legislation under consideration, being proposed, or actually enacted.
The Conflict arises when a Member of the Legislature includes, or deletes, a clause that has a direct effect on the activities of their client, or the client of the family member.  Or where the legislation impacts a firm at which a family member works.
You Can NOT create a "Blind Trust" which prevents such conflicts.  But it is exactly such conflicts which exist when you elect someone from the private sector to be POTUS.  Actually, it exists whenever you elect anyone to Legislative Office.  Certainly, roughly half or more of Congress are probably engaged in Conflict of Interest Legislating.
Doubt that?  Do any of them have family members who are practicing law or Officers in Corporations subject to the laws of the United States?  If so, they are under the same conflicts being raised about Trump.  It's a nasty political "CATCH 22". which we can expect will be swept under the table so the Congressmen can continue to manipulate the law for their own profit -- like legislation cuts in taxes for people in their upper-income tax brackets.  Thus utilizing their positions to enrich themselves and family members.

Trump’s canceled news conference heightens concerns over possible consequences of blurred boundaries between presidency and business dealings|By Tom McCarthy

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