Friday, November 18, 2016

How Trump Improves ObamaCare

POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump has a serious image problem.
More important, he has a personal ego problem which mandates that he be a successful POTUS.
He can NOT be impeached -- that's failure, no POTUS has ever been successfully impeached.  He could pull a Nixon, and resign -- but that would self-label him a crook, a liar, and the worst POTUS in history.
This brings us to reconciling the idea of improving ObamaCare (or replacing it with something better) and his other positions -- such as putting an end to Roe v Wade.

OK, many out there are not too bright and do not see a direct connection between Obama Care and Roe v Wade (or abortion).  But there is one.
Pro-Life groups yell they are "pro-life" but still say mom should die if the fetus is tubular and therefore will kill itself and its host.  That alone ensures that the Pro-Life group is, in fact, an organization of random murders seeking to increase their victim could -- a position supported by the reality that after Roe V Wade, the number of abortions among fertile women DECREASED.  That's right.  Free and legal access to abortion allowed women the time needed to consider is they actually wanted and could afford to have a baby at their stage in life -- and the commensurate increase in out-of-wedlock births affirms they decided  in the affirmative.
But we are talking hard facts supported by statistical analysis ... and talking to the same crowd that denies Global Warming while simultaneously witnessing the melting of Ice Caps and the melting of Glaciers with the resulting sea levels rise.
OK, some idiots will yell/argue that it exists but that it is NOT manmade.
WHO CARES if it is 100% manmade, or if humans are simply contributing to the acceleration of a natural cycle?
If CO2 is involved and connected to fossil fuels, and reducing dependence on a resource which will, within a few decades, no longer exist, it is simply an argument that denies reality.  Fossil fuels are a depleting resource, while both wind and solar are universally constant and offer the opportunity to build a new generation of industrialization with all the employment and expansion of GDP that comes with it.  So why are people fighting against the expansion of the economy and elimination of the most negative aspects of the electrical grid?

But, the topic is ObamaCare and abortion, not the evidence of just how stupid people are, or how often they work to prove their own counterproductive stupidity.

Consider this:
1. What good is a fetus coming to term if it is sick, or will die soon after birth? 
2. What is the benefit of the fetus being born and complication rendering the mother infertile the mother -- or worse, killing her?
3. What good is a baby whose health, or a lack of health care, precludes them from becoming a productive member of society?

If  POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump really wants to achieve and become renowned for his achievements, he will propose that ObamaCare should be modified to provide UNIVERSAL FREE prenatal and postnatal care to the children of American Citizens and LEGAL residents {and include, if necessary due to birth complications, their mothers}.  He will also say that any child born in the United States, and thus a Natural Born Citizen, shall be entitled to the same UNIVERSAL FREE postnatal care.  The mother can be excluded if she is not a citizen or documented legal resident.
Since the right-wing would not want to encourage women to come to the USA simply to have a baby all prenatal care would be excluded to pregnant women who lack documented legal resident status.
However, the exclusion would NOT apply to the care of a pregnant woman here on a valid visa.  The visa shows legal entry status and there certainly is no reason to jeopardize the health of a tourist or other LEGAL visitor to America.

Why is there a connection between abortion and ObamaCare -- or health care access?  Simple, many women will decide on abortion because they cannot afford the medical costs of a pregnancy.  So it eliminates that problem.
It also eliminates the murderous immorality of the Pro-Life types who insist that a child be brought into this world, while also taking no responsibility for ensuring it comes in health -- and thus is not a burden to society.
Of course, their response to social burden is to advocate the termination of Public Assistance programs.  
But note this problem is also carried into the area of the Minimum Wage...  these right-wing murderers refuse to raise the minimum wage, while the Federal Reserve is working to raise inflation to 2% {seeking also to increase interest rates to strengthen the dollar} and thus devaluing the purchasing power of the minimum wage.   
But, while the government wants to make full-time minimum wage workers more dependent on Public Assistance, the Right-Wing that control the government is also seeking to reduce or do wayPublic Assistance.  Interestingly they are also pulling the same murderous action against the elderly dependent upon with Social Security.  {WOOPS, here too we can look to the effects of a lack of prenatal and postnatal care -- because it often causes the birth of children who will be, for life, dependent on Public Assistance and, if the birth defect only triggers in adulthood, some form of Social Security Disability.}

NOTE: If you decrease Social Security or Minimum Wage purchasing power, you immediately undermine the foundation of the economic structure (the local retailer who services these recipients).  The effect is to undermine the economy as a whole.  Thus, addressing base level income issues builds up and strengthens the foundation of the national economy.          

POTUS-Elect Donald John Trump could solve all these problems -- lower the cost to government and increase the GDP ... all in one shot.

Will Trump do it?
Or will he bow to those seeking THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE? For now, the bet seems to favor an incompetent POTUS who will destroy the nation and make America the laughing stock for HISTORIANS.

[CONCURRENT with this BLOG post, the news reported that TRUMP settled the Trump University fraud case for $25 million.  That might eliminate one key basis for impeachment since it should preclude criminal charges -- assuming a no discussion/comment agreement is also involved, and so precluded testimony by those defrauded and now made whole by the settlement.].    

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