Sunday, September 25, 2016

Who are the parents of KAREN SUE BATTEN-PENCE

Here's a touch of frustration that the Republicans would turn into a mystery conspiracy:

Why a "mystery" -- for the wife of a Governor who is now a VEEP candidate, there is nothing about her ancestry.
I don't mean a genealogy.
I mean there is mention of a sister, niece, father --- but NO NA MES.
Normally, you look on Wikipedia and see "child of" data.
Or news items that mention the name of a mentioned parent or sibling.
But NOT in the case of Karen Sue Batten-Pence -- she seems to have appeared with an undocumented biography.
Checking BATTEN in 1940, there are interracial ones whose families originated with former slaves in Virgina; Virgina super-rich; a family which came to Indiana via Wisconsin... but nothing that seems to explain and substantiate her alleged origins.
Well, after the election, when Pence becomes VP, then Trump is impeached or resigns and Pence becomes POTUS ... she, as First Lady, will certainly need to create a plausible genealogy.
But for now -- she is less well documented than a Cold War sleeper-agent whose cover identity was that  of a Public School Teacher...  


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