Monday, September 05, 2016

ECONOMIST magazine catches on to DEATH OVER LIFE

OK in March 2014 -- a full year before either Hillary or Donald announced their candidacy -- you were warned this election would be a choice between negatives.

FINE now the media has come around with the specifics -- which are candidate based.

"AMERICANS dismayed by the 2016 elections should brace themselves: next year political divisions will probably deepen. With a hot-headed, thin-skinned President Donald Trump in charge of the nuclear codes, the worst-case scenario would resemble “Dr. Strangelove”."

"Should Mrs. Clinton win, a dangerous number of voters seem certain to think she should be in prison, agreeing with delegates in Cleveland chanting “Lock her up!” or (as Lexington heard more than once: “Hang the bitch!”)."

"The forces needed to elect Mrs. Clinton president would probably leave the Senate narrowly controlled by Democrats but the House still in Republican hands, albeit with a reduced majority."

If the voters want to say no, they have a simple choice -- vote CLINTON and remove every Republican, defeat every Republican candidate in the 2016 election. Anything else would see Social Security destroyed -- just in time for the Baby Boomers, who have now started to turn 70, to be denied survival. Remember NO SNAP or public assistance and no Social Security Trust Fund -- GOP spent that decades ago.
Voters wanted Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush ... why not THE DONALD, or a Congress that is more anti-Clinton as they have been opposed to Obama.

DEATH OVER LIFE -- -- it is the choice of millions of voters, and that scares the world ... while making the Islamist Extremists CHEER.
Another year ... and the media might catch on ... another 60 days and the Voters Decide.  

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