Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Curious Hillary Clinton 9/11 Collapse Video Question

We can start with the idea that, in one video, we have a Secret Service Agent drop as she approaches the same vehicle we see Hillary Clinton drop when she too approaches it.
Apparently, the curb was the problem
 or trigger ... as shown in these images taken from the video.  Note red parallel lines were added for reference within a frame, and across comparison frames (with a common reference element also aligned: frames 2&3 the vehicle roof; frames 3&4 the cement post):

There is a very real and different problem -- the videos of Hillary's collapse.  This one is the one the above frames were captured in
NOTE the vehicle engine is on the left... but here is the same video, with the engine on the right

Take a look at the male Secret Service Agent relative to the fence and look at his feet in the left frame of this set:
In the video it becomes apparent he is standing on the curb and when he steps off it, he drops roughly the height of his whole head -- you also have the female Agent as a comparison.  Let's add the next frame -- where the male agent vanishes behind the female agent suddenly he is the same height as a woman a head shorter than him: 

Continue watching the video and the female agent steps down once, and then twice as we see the effect in these frames where a different male agent, and the same fence and concrete post provide height references for the female agent:

 Look how she gets successively shorter -- even when reference against herself (her white shirt meeting her belt vs the fence) -- but the video shows she takes only one step, but that step drops her lower.

It would appear that the "DRAMIC" fall of Hillary Clinton was, for the most part, simply her stepping down while slightly out of balance.
Here is a final comparison series where the head of an agent serves to emphasize the size of the drop -- in this case, the same image series is duplicated and reference lines added:  

Note the agent begins below the upper red line, moves  to the other side of the open door, steps up and is as much above the reference as he was below; Clinton's head remains steady, as does the collar of the female agent.  The bottom line shows that the images, hence reference lines, are level with the edge of the fence. 

But why the mirror image of the event? 

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