Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 Echo of Hippy era voter -- realizing Republicans will achieve their true goal

Back in 1967/8/9 we had the Hippy Era ... Johnson was POTUS  and Nixon was coming around for a second run... criminal entourage in tow.

2016 ... Shoulds of criminals -- liars -- taint both sides.  The Hippy Candidate, Bernie Sanders, fails to gain a place, and the nation reacts.... a reaction of old hippies who have reached 70-years and sees those around them dying off.

It's now or never -- if we are to defeat the nation we must bring it down ... learning from the last time ... better to elect the Republican and ensure destruction than hope the Democrats can overcome Republican obstructionism and bring about the happy land envisioned in the days of cannabis and Woodstock.

1967 ... what was it like?  One OMER later ... 49-years have passed ... and it is the end of the ABBY ROAD... 

 The old Hippy, those who protested Vietnam ... tripped on Acid ... and touted "PEACE LOVE AND ROCK'N'ROLL" with a healthy helping of free sex.  Well, they realized the battle, for them, was at an end ... and destruction of the system had to be achieved before they could have victory.

Who better to destroy something than the Party whose platform and agenda entailed THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE ...

OK, you can ask, "what of their children and grandchildren?  Do they not care for them ?"

If the young do not care enough about themselves it is their choice.  Will they support Clinton ... remove all Republicans from Washington?  Or will they vote to allow the system to continue ... and so ensure America's destruction.

There is a prophecy of Islamic power -- an apocalypse which will clean house ... killing off the Evangelicals as the sinners they truly are ... erasing a third of the global population (most who die anyway from old age) ... and leveling judgment on all who remain.

Happy nobody believes, so everyone will fall victim to "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"  ... It's the scene in "Willy Wonka" where Wonka warn the obnoxious little girl ... but does so in a way tailored to ensure she does not take the warning seriously ... and so .. suffers the consequence of her stupidity and related actions.

As of now, 43 days until we see if the little girl fails to heed the warning.


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