Wednesday, August 03, 2016

How Donald Trump Does it vs How Hillary Clinton gets Hampered

"I'M THE GREATEST" was the slogan for Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr who became Muhammad Ali.  Wiki ESPN columnist Ralph Wiley called Ali "The King of Trash Talk" ... Donald had to learn it somewhere.  Bragging and "Trash Talk" are the way you self-promote.  Say it often enough and it becomes a given.
Hillary Clinton had been subjected to over two decades "Trash Talk" about her being untrustworthy and dishonest.  Two decades of Republicans spending tens of millions in taxpayer money to "prove" she's dishonest -- to no avail.  Even the Republican investigators cleared her.  But "She dishonest" -- so she bought them off, put the political fix in, pressured them ... she's dishonest, so "we know" she got away with here crimes because she is really dishonest and can corrupt the investigators.
As Ted Cruz denounced New York values” -- taken to be cloaked and coded anti-Semitism; Trump exhibits many New York traits, including a New York style depression era "sense of humor" ... one in which the line, "I was just kidding", follows on any comment which invokes a strong negative reaction.  NO!  He really wasn't kidding, but it's not worth defending the statement and risking losing the customer.
Can you mouth-off and get away with it?  OF COURSE -- so long as you don't repeat the statement.  Trump made it a habit of repeating things twice or three times ... very Biblical.  Or haven't you noticed the Old Testament makes it a point to repeat laws twice -- and if it is really important three times?  You say it twice and people remember -- even when they don't really remember the words, they remember the instinct the words are designed to trigger.
Say something stupid once and you get a reputation for being forthright and blunt.  Repeat it, immediately people understand that you are an idiot.  Most people... the 60% of the population who need to be told things two or three times and still might not get it.   Only 1% are intelligent enough to understand that which has yet to be said ... they don't need to hear the words, they can tell from the manner of presentation, the way someone carries themselves, or "glad-hands", that the person cannot be trusted.
Donald goes for the 60% who hear what has an emotionally positive trigger and ignore the obvious negative. Donald knows that the bulk of the non-thinkers are Republicans who tend  to lean toward bigotry and disrespect for others, or any not of their "kind", "class" or "Caste".  Say a comment once and it rings an emotionally positive and responsive bell with someone -- and that's the one you want to reach.  Everyone else will forget it when you make your next comment.  Each successive comment adds another follower and the amassing of followers is the goal.
In the early days of motion pictures, the "in" expression was "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right."  When you control the publicity, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  Look at FaceBook, any social media, any real media, who is the one most often mentioned?  Hillary or Donald?  So whose name is on the conscious and subconscious level of the most people?  That is the real objective.
For all the idiotic things Donald might say to garner that publicity, how many explicit things can you recall -- FROM THE PREVIOUS, not the current, NEWS CYCLE?  What did he say last month?  Or, last week?  Sure you can remember what is in the news today -- but you'll forget it next week and have very little chance of recalling it next month.   UNLESS... it expressed something you believe but could not say to strangers because it would not be "politically correct".  That's how Donald grabs his base.
Hillary is tarnished by the incessant attacks on her character -- which are so frequent that people ignore the fact that nothing is ever proved to be factual.  "Where there is smoke" is the guide to people assuming a fire.  True, when there is smoke, there is fire -- but the problem comes when it is the firemen (Republicans) who are setting the fire and using it as an excuse to destroy your house ... even though your house is nowhere near where they set the blaze.
Have fun... THE DONALD will win, even if he loses.

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