Saturday, August 13, 2016

DONALD TRUMP understands

DONALD TRUMP understands the rules of the game:

Look at team sports.  Most of the team is there to STOP the other team from scoring points, gaining ground, or improving their position in any way.
Look at the military.  You attack and force the other side to give up people and territory ... and rack-up loses.  Body count: they lost ten to our one, and the battle was a victory, even if the war was lost.  "They paid dearly for their victory" is the slogan.

TRUMP shock up everything when he said he would force America's creditors to settle for ten-cents-on-the-dollar.  They would lose.  Yep.  America would be "broke", but the other guys would have lost their money while America still had whatever that money bought.  The fact that America squanders the borrowed money and therefore would fall -- as the Nobleman-Merchant who borrowed from Shylock was doomed to fall because he borrowed and never profited.

Terrorists die in suicide attacks.  But they take ten with them and therefore show the positive claimed by America's military in Vietnam.  In the case of the World Trade Center, their ratio was 200 to 1 and a great victory which caused America to go deeply into debt.
Now, Jihadists and Terrorists kill a dozen before they die -- who has lost more?  The one who killed and died?  Or the society he attacked?
TRUMP said, kill the Terrorist families.  Terrorists are assured their families will be provided for, and so are willing to die.  Kill their families and anyone who lives near those families, and the game changes for the terrorist.  But, it also means those who survive will be angrier and more likely to be anti-American.  TO WIN, MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE ... which suffers the greatest loss?
Who will lose when the Republicans retain power?  They attack the poor, and the sick -- so they attack the Biblical mandates to care for those groups ... the religious LOSE!  The poor are the foundation of the economy; only if they can buy goods and services does the economy prosper.  Undermine the poor, deprive them of the resources to survive, and you undermine the whole economy.  The poor cannot buy food; therefore they cannot shop for groceries; therefore the grocery stores cannot survive and the neighborhood dies.  Look at "POOR" communities, count the grocery stores and calculate how many there are per person -- do the same in a Middle-Class neighborhood.
It's like Global Warming -- something Republicans deny.  But the hard evidence is clear, basic services cannot exist where there are no basic resources.  Undermine the resources and you undermine the whole economy.  Provide health care and people can work, study, have families and make the society grow and prosper.
Be a good Conservative Republican and you MUST undermine the foundation of the Economy.  MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE ... make him too poor to prosper.  Then you get to buy their homes for pennies.  Or buy their Nation for pennies ... so make sure you export your resources so you will have them when the economy falls.  Republicans sponsor Outsourcing.  They sponsor not paying taxes -- not rendering unto Caesar, and so violating the Bible (while waving it for the benefit of the idiots) -- and then export those resources.   There is no "Trickle Down" ... that is for the idiots.  The intelligent know to grab what they can and MAKE THE OTHER GUY LOSE.
You win by still standing.

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