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Conservative Birther Fraud Corey Lewandowski

Ah-yes, the beauty of the TRUMP Right-wing idiotic demographic.  Nobody considers the ramifications and facts of the Birther Movement when their nonsense is asserted at this stage of the game?

"CNN and contributor Corey Lewandowski continue to embarrass themselves, this time as Lewandowski wondered on-air if President Obama was “brought into Harvard University as a citizen who wasn't from this country.” Dozens of media figures slammed the former Trump campaign manager and CNN for allowing “birther crap” on its airwaves."

OK -- by the numbers:
Fact ONE: Obama is out of office in January, so five months and he's gone. Whatever was or wasn't, is or isn't, on his Harvard Transcript has no relevance to either the remainder of his term of who becomes the next POTUS.

Fact TWO:  As pointed out in "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", in terms of their personal biographies and educational achievements, there is basically no difference between Tex Cruz and Barack Obama.  In terms of birth, both men were born to American Citizen mothers and foreign citizen fathers; which means that, by law, regardless of where they were born, both men are entitled to American Citizenship through inheritance -- they had no obligation to claim it, but they are entitled to claim it.
One issue involved in claiming citizenship is when the claim is made.  It shows parental intent and individual intent.  But that's part of the Naturalization laws and do not apply to those born on American soil, under American sovereign jurisdiction, or on the HIGH SEAS and therefore outside any other sovereign jurisdiction.

Fact THREE:  As pointed out in "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future", Cruz was born in Canada ... GOOGLE: "Born: December 22, 1970 (age 45), Calgary, Canada" ... It's in all his biographical data.  He was born in Canada, and only those too stupid to google him would assert he is American born.  Cruz has even given press-conferences in which he mentioned the intention to surrender the citizenship he retained since his birth and which he claims to only have known about since he was 18.  That alone is strange, after all, what teenager or child does NOT know where they were born?
Obama was born in Hawaii; in 1961, the HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS provided the local newspaper with a routine list of births/marriages/deaths that was -- in the  normal course of business -- published.  as we can see here, Under HEALTH BUREAU STATISTICS, IN LEFT-HAND COLUMN, FROM Bottom reading up WONG, HATCHIE, ASING, OBAMA -- all born on Aug 4th

That list is based on a Hospital report of birth and generates a Birth Certificate (or Proof of Live Birth, as it is sometimes called).  At age six, Obama received a US Passport -- again, stating the Hawaii birth, while Cruz's passport, received at age 18, shows the Canadian birth.   Both are noted as citizens -- technically Cruz being Naturalized and Obama being Natural Born.  Doubters like those targeted  by Corey Lewandowski would seek to see those passport documents -- they reflect the US Government statement of, or position on, legal citizenship status.  School transcripts have no legal status -- but can be probative in seeking documents which do have relevance and necessary legal status.

Again, with regard to Obama's last 5 months, the data is meaningless.  However, in terms of Ted Cruz, they govern his right to be sworn in and therefore the value he holds as a viable candidate.

Fact FOUR:  There MUST be a reason for the insistence on challenging Obama's eligibility.  This infers the reality: if he was not legally eligible then he was not legally the POTUS; if not the POTUS than laws signed by him might well be null and void.  Granted, some laws do not actually need to be signed, but become law automatically unless they are vetoed.

This raises the point that any law that would have been automatic, but was vetoed, was not vetoed by legitimate POTUS and so was not vetoed at all; any law signed, was not legally signed by a POTUS and might not actually be law.  Thus OBAMACARE might not be the law -- if Obama were found to be a non-citizen.  But to do that, Cruz would also have to be found a non-citizen in terms of the Natural Born Clause of the Constitution.

Impeachment is meaningless in five months at a time when Congress is not in session.  So we can ignore whatever grounds might be asserted prior to January 2017.  At best, the Congress could deny Obama his pension and Secret Service protection and bar him from public office; if he lied on his Bar Association documents, he could be disbarred.

But all such actions would bring into question the validity of the laws he signed and the appointments he made to SCOTUS or Federal courts.  That would mean there would only be SIX Justices on SCOTUS instead of NINE.

Effectively, SCOTUS could not hear and rule upon any cases until a legitimate POTUS is elected and sworn in, and justices are appointed.  Naturally, the court could function, but Constitutionally the legality of the situation would be at issue.

As Commander in Chief, those military orders then come into question.

At this point in time, the Birther issues are for one purpose only.  They are intended to create a Constitutional crisis in which all laws over the past eight years are brought into question.

Any elected POTUS would wisely pardon Obama before any further action could be taken -- thus negating the Birther actions.  Unless that POTUS wanted the Constitutional crisis.

NOTHING asserted by Birther's allows for a valid status for Ted Cruz and thus renders his campaign donation system to be a FRAUD on the voters supporting him.  Given his knowledge as a Harvard Trained Lawyer, the issue raises to that of an intentional criminal act of consumer/campaign fraud.

Donald Trump is really utilizing the stupidity of the Conservative Republican Demographic as reached by his "employee" Corey Lewandowski. 


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