Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump; Ted Cruz -- and you were warned.

2011/12: It began by telling you the time we were in -- the historic age and what was expected of those who loved war and to them by those who thought they could see the future.
The rules of engagement were simple -- turn away from your warmongering, cease your hatred, care for the orphans, sick and the aged.  Instead, the rules were used, as they continue to be, to invoke hatred and suppress those who are the way they were intended to be created by the natural rules of genetics.
No matter -- prophecy then kicked in...

2013/14: OK, so then you were told that you wanted a return to the Nazi era and that a New National Socialist Party -- like the old one, devoted to an opposition to that which is called Socialism or Democracy -- a new Party had been formed. But it had not leadership and had no concrete direction.
It did have a goal of overturning the "Revolution" and the state of events which had arisen during the last War.
It also opposed everything mandated in the First Book.
(Pun intended -- but over your head)

2013/14: Then someone stepped forward who wanted to be the leader, the spokesman, the source of a rallying cry -- and his right arm snapped stiff,... his palm was not down with fingers pointed out...
But he was from a neighboring nation which spoke your language, and he did identify with you and not them...  so he rose to elected power and had a voice that could be heard.
But he wasn't a true leader; he has shown he isn't even a good follower -- one who could lead a division in the coming war against the... hum, the war against yourselves?   

You were warned.  But things had yet to play out.
THEN arose a leader -- one who had studied the art of the mob's psychology, had studied the means of propaganda and had mastered its demands, one who believed his name belonged at above the heads and in the history books.
They called him names and he shrugged, expressed his displeasure, anger, and evidenced his mode of revenge.  And all this showed the mob that he was truly the learned they had sought -- and the people rallied to his banner.
And true to form, he spoke to the MOB while the elites-intellectuals ranted about facts and made fun of him...  It was what the study had said they would do and that the doing would cost them the war.   But, as the study predicted, the intellectuals only studied that which was in the curriculum -- and the study was not, and so it was unread and, despite their  degrees, as the study predicted, they remained uneducated.
Who is the biggest fool?  The blue-collar fool or the elite educated fool?  

2014: Finally, you were given a timeline of the events and choices it presented.
The Party would fall, or nation which adopted its leadership.
It was a matter of choosing Death Over Life -- do you wish to see people work, have healthcare, be comfortable in their old age, or do you wish to be a suicide bomber killing the many innocents?  Are you National or Global in goal?
Curiously, the author of the study had pronounced his belief in terms of nationalism and denounced the globalization.
He -- his nation -- had then, for the second time, been attacked by the Globalist power and forced into a war which, of course, he lost because he also attacked those who could have brought him victory ... and made them immigrants and refugees.
Now, the one following his study is denying the immigrants and refugees who could bring him victory, prosperity, and longevity.  This leader is bowing to the Globalist elites who are within his nation -- but he is one of theirs.
It is for the nation to choose.  Is Nationalism superior to Global-Militarism?  Is helping your own, and those in need, more worthy than causing greater need?


It is a simple choice, be made on election day.  It is not just the leader who needs to be chosen. You get to select those who will allow that leader to lead and determine the rules by which the nation lives -- or if it shall die.

Raise the Minimum Wage to 150% of poverty, and peg it to remain at that level.
Raise Average Social Security Payment to 150% of poverty -- where average means the average of children's benefits, spousal benefits, disability benefits, and retirement benefits with any other payments under that administration counted as well.
Raise the MINIMUM earned income based retirement benefit to 150% of  poverty ... and peg it there, so it automatically increases with basic poverty level inflation.
Scale all other payments upwards and raise the earnings which are subject to Social Security contributions to $1 million -- raising that too according to a poverty inflation formula -- change the personal deduction on Income tax so that the normal personal deduction for workers and social security received are on the same line, with the personal deduction being the higher of the two ... so that Social Security Income becomes the personal deduction for the retired person regardless of their other income.
Then tax their income accordingly -- but tax actual cash as credited to their account, and not in-kind income ... everyone could then place their home in a trust, place their income in the trust, have the trust support the cost of the home ... so that they or someone else can live there for free.
For that matter, so long as no payments are made to the Trust, and the rules of who can benefit from the Trust are EXPLICITLY CLEAR the retired person {or someone else} can be retired and live at the Trust expense -- so long as the trust has otherwise taxable income sufficient to cover the costs ... so far as the trust is concerned, the expenses are just normal short term (life, or qualification time, of recipient) deductions.
Ah, a rational tax code that supports old age ... without placing the people on the public dole while encouraging savings and investment for that old age.
But worth dreaming about.  

In any case.  Four books which warned you.  A five even told you what is going to happen over the next thirty years.  Not that it matters.  By then, the Baby Boomers will be dead, Social Security destroyed, and most of the Millenials or Gen X crowd wishing they had paid attention,



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