Thursday, June 02, 2016

Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton -- Election Outcome 2 June 12016

This Prediction is dated 2 June 2016, but it is based on analysis done over the past five years.  Therefore, an analysis which is irrespective of the actual candidates and therefore relates only to the pattern to which they need to conform in order for America to survive five more POTUS.
As annoying as it might be for secular humanists, we can start with the Prophecy Timeline determined in "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"  and focused in on in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".
 The real history will be in a book currently in production and tentatively titled "POTUS Cousins"
A Clinton Victory benefits the USA and sees the Republican Party fall to the point of requiring a major overhaul and the eviction of many of its more recognized leaders.
A Trump Victory also sees the fall of the Republicans -- but they take America with them.  There will be a major recession, possibly a Great Depression, followed by a War which will remove America from Superpower status.
Americans have not quite gotten to the point of being suicidal ... so TRUMP FAILS to win the election and goes home happy.
SO... THE 2 JUNE 2016 PREDICTION FOR THE NOVEMBER ELECTION: Hillary Clinton wins with a near record margin -- be it popular votes or Electoral College.
Another prediction that isn't based upon the above:  2018-2020 sees the death of someone significant ... it might be Bernie Sanders, it might be the Pope (OK last Pope is due to die so generically toss him in with the current one).
Expect an Attack on ROME ... but that was mentioned in  "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE"

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