Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MINIMUM WAGE - Republican Logic

Republicans know how stupid their base really is ... Donald Trump has mastered the art of manipulating that level of stupid.
The Republicans will show two underpaid individuals and argue that the most underpaid, the one who justifies corporate welfare in the form of public assistance subsidies to their wage base, are to be denied a living wage because they are already paying the other individual just enough to keep them off the public dole.
Naturally, they would love to find a justification for LOWERING the higher paid wages -- but they don't believe you to be that stupid ... but they are achieving it ... they raise the taxes on the higher paid wage (while lowering the taxes on the corporate employers, but also increasing sales and property taxes and any tax weighted towards and imposed upon basic necessities).
Funny thing about the McD's wages -- it would mean $0.04 (FOUR CENTS) more on a meal.  But you -- who does NOT eat at McD's -- would rather pay a full percent more on purchases in the form of increased sales tax ... and  another full percentage point in income taxes ... then have those who eat at McD's pay 4 cents more.
YEP Republicans know just how dumb you are.
SO VOTE REPUIBLICAN and reward them for that knowledge.

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