Friday, January 08, 2016

Ted Cruz - NO AMERICAN ROOTS, Obama , that's a different matter

Obama is a cousin to all these presidents (including the Bush Clan)
[P01], George 'Major General' Washington 3rd cousin 10x removed
[P13], Millard Fillmore 7th cousin 6x removed
[P18], Hiram Ulysses S Grant 6th cousin 6x removed
[P19], Rutherford Birchard Hayes Half 6th cousin 5x removed
[P32], Franklin Delano Roosevelt 8th cousin 2x removed
[P30], John Calvin Coolidge 10th cousin 2x removed
[P33], Harry S Truman 6th cousin 3x removed
[P36], Lyndon Baines Johnson 4th cousin 3x removed
[P37], Richard Milhous Nixon 9th cousin 3x removed
[P41], George Herbert Walker Bush 10th cousin 1x removed
[P42], William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton Half 8th cousin 3x removed
[P43], George Walker Bush 11th cousin

Ted Cruz's family. aside from the Communist "Cuban Freedom Fighter" for Castro, Cruz's "American" family ran from the Irish Potatoe famine and can claim a 170-year history in America with no noteworthy accomplishments of relatives.  

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