Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Global Economic Patter and America is on the bottom.

We hear about the divergence between rich and poor in America...
BUT, it's a GLOBAL pattern.
the issues become: How will the wealth of the top 62 affect America?  And How many of those 62 are Americans?
American Republicans allege America is the richest/Best whatever ... and yet that isn't where America seems to be in various international comparisons.  In fact, since the dawn of the Reagan Era,  Americ has consistently fallen behind.
Trump, as a Global Businessman, knows this and so can say "Make America Great Again" ... he can't, as a Republican, do it, because the Republicans caused the problem and are working hard to expand it (see Flint Michigan as an example).
America needs to discover where the wealth is, bring it home, and spread it around to the point where it is the Americans on top and then the rest of the world.

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