Saturday, December 26, 2015

Financial Fall of Washington comes closer -- the end of the American Century

Back in 1994, Osama Bin Laden declared he wanted America to go Bankrupt -- he also said he wanted Saddam Hussein dead. Well, Bush 43 gifted al Qaeda with the latter, and now the Congress is gifting them with the former.

Granted, it will take a little time for the debt to have its effect. The first Baby Boomer has only just retired, and the peak retirement era isn't going to hit until around 2025-2030. Between now and then, America will work hard to blck all new immigration and so undermine the labor force (taxpayer base). Thus, the bankruptcy is three POTUS terms away ... but it is coming.

The 1% have already begun outsourcing their wealth; they began outsourcing the source of that wealth decades ago -- around the time Reagan began training al Qaeda and recruited Bin Laden to represent USA interests against Russia in Afghanistan. Of course, Russia got the message and turned Capitalist. And, along with Communist China, which has now reclaimed its historic and traditional Capitalist ideology, is now lending money to America in hopes of foreclosing on it in in about 15 years.

Note, between now and the November election, America is on track to achieve what the Right-Wing Evangelicals have been seeking for half a century -- the fall of "Babylon {WASHINGTON} the great city" ... nice to know it remains on the schedule set out in the book: "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

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