Friday, November 20, 2015

Republicans Assist ISIS Against America

Voters who defend Bush 43 and his Saudi alliance fail to understand they are in a state ",,, of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on."
Hussein was killed because he was a strong force against the Saudis and their Terrorist minions.  Bush 41 and then Bush 43, attacked Hussein because they are in the pay of the Saudis oil cartel.
The new neo-nazi right-wing republican party, which has, since Bush 43, attacked original Republican New Deal Programs (and attack the privatized Medical Health program designed by Reagan, which in order to distance themselves from it and Reagan, they named OBAMACARE).
They want to engage in mass slaughter of Muslims -- knowing full well that this would demonstrate the truth behind the Crusade Bush declared and thus unify the 1.6 Billion Muslims against the United States and West.
It is a dangerous game -- we are in the Revelation Era and the evangelicals want and end-of-times scenario when Global Warming would easily fulfill all the mandates and result in a happy and prosperous world ... rather than a world of ashes that the evangelicals have promoted for so long.
Have fun -- to achieve their objective, they must do so before 7 October 2016, with their position affirmed by voters a month later -- in the general election.
Neo-Nazis, right down to opening the possibility of an elected  Fuhrer ... Hitler was born in Austria and Ruled German; Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Canadian (legally ineligible to be POTUS) yet they have paid millions into his campaign ... and have done so while accusing Obama of being ineligible based upon false accusations that he meets all the criteria which Cruz has admitted he meets.

The New York Times has finally begun to report on the links between the terrorists and the Saudis.  Eventually they will report on those links and the Bush connection.

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