Sunday, August 23, 2015

Republicans Support Islamic State

The chart shows that Republicans promote Sharia Law.

These are same Republicans who, under  BUSH father and son, attacked and killed the only strong Arab Leader  standing against ISIS & al Qaeda … a man that Bin Laden stated (around 1994) he wanted dead.  Note, after 9/11 Bush labeled the same Bin Laden “Wanted Dead or Alive” so as to get authority to kill Hussein … and when authority was granted, immediately declared Bin Laden (and by association al Qaeda) “irrelevant to the ‘War on Terror’”.

Today, Republicans oppose the restriction on Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East – basically seeking to allow the ISLAMIC STATE full access to the finished and functional warheads.

The Republicans will nominate those how seem best suited to promote their MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE agenda.  The issue will be implementation on a National or Global scale – or Both.  Achieve Bin Laden’s second announced goal – the destruction of American Economy … Trump could achieve that (his investments are international and immune from American collapse, ne might even prosper from one).

Death Over Life … the 2000-year old prophecy of the fall of Washington in 2015/16.  About Fifteen Months and Counting.

“May You Live in Interesting Times.”

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