Saturday, June 20, 2015

The world of 1984 is upon us

Watching NetFlix -- PG13 adventure movies like the TRANSFORMERS ... have you noticed the common theme? In all the movies, the GOVERNMENT CANNOT BE TRUSTED ...
Back in the 1970's, when I wrote THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK, one criteria I had for debunking prophets was that the scientific knowledge related to their prophecy was known during their lifetime.
EXAMPLE: Edgar Cayce always referenced Atlantis -- which was a popular book when he was a child ... the "lost Island" mythology is derived from that 1896(?) book (and some ancient myths about an land beyond the gateway to the Mediterranean). Cayce also talked of the early global warming / sea level rise warnings which were known in the 1920's.
THE POINT: What is entertainment for the young shapes their perceptions when they age. The old academic saying -- "Give me the child for the first 8 years and I will return you the adult" -- is in play. The popular entertainment is pushing American and global culture.
There is no way to control it ... though we can predict and prepare for where it is going. Or, as in the case of The Tea Party, use it to shape the platform of lies we know the people have been programmed to accept.

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