Monday, June 08, 2015

"Death Over Life: … “ 18 months remain.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"
Curious title -- a book which looks at prophecy and asks why, when phrased in terms of the Hebrew Calendar that would have been used by the prophet, there is such coincidence in the factual timeline of modern events.
1929 starts it -- Hitler, Germany, the Roman era symbol of which was a White Horse, or Horseman on a white steed.  Is that really the first Horseman of the Apocalypse?
1939 The second Horseman -- WAR.  No disputing the interpretation there.
The Rapture in which JEWS are lifted to the sanctuary before the real apocalypse period begins ... the period in which a third of all life dies (as is now predicted by scientists with Climate Change as the culprit).  That Holocaust was an interesting way to conceal the Rapture ... and take with it more than the predicted 144,000, while ensuring that the ones to be taken were.
COINCIDENCE -- dismiss it ... ignore it ... ensure that you do nothing to interfere with the fulfillment of prophecy ... or maybe it is JUST COINCIDENCE.
Politics ... what city-state, what nation, what city is synonymous with a nation?  What City could possibly be equated to Babylon the great city -- the city our timeline says falls in 2015/16?
Could that be Washington, The United States of America?
What does "fall" mean?
In Babylon, the city continued but its "global" influence ceased to exist.  For America to fall -- the government would need to be shut down, maybe the debts go unpaid -- a process the Tea Party attempted, but failed at, in 2013.
Obama is under attack -- yet no credible charges, no facts, support that attack ... but Obama is symbolic of the Presidency, which is symbolic of the leader of the free world, which, if he or his programs were to fall, would symbolize the fall of "Babylon".
Two things are mandatory -- It's the "Rule of Solomon, set down in the Bible -- you must first be told what you are doing is wrong, and then you must ignore that reality and continue to do it.  In an era of judgment, you determine your fate:
This and other books in the 'what if it's real' examination series tells you.   Whether of not you read them, pay attention, think about the possibility that coincidence is not coincidental  and act accordingly -- well, that is how the "Rule of Solomon works.

As of this writing, 18 months remain in the 2015/16 period assigned to the fall of Babylon.  Will something significant happen?  Will another city-state fall and fulfill the prophecy while allowing for the survival of Washington and the American experiment?  Will the prophecy fail and allow us to look at the prior date/event coincidences as just that?

One thing for sure – the modern religions of Islam and Christianity are tied to the fulfillment.  The Davidic Prophecy of Israel and the Jews was fulfilled when the Biblical Health laws became universal and Israel once more became a free and independent nation – so the Davidic Prophecy is, to a arguable degree, is almost off the table … all that remains is the reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple.   

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