Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Most Harm to the Most People


Guns Kill – because Republicans own guns and like to kill.

Republicans spend $605 Billion a year getting ready to cause Armageddon.

Military Spending, in terms of a percentage of GDP, reveals Russia spends 30% more than the United States.   However, in real money – this chart tells us the USA spends TEN TIMES as much … in fact, the USA is so devoted to the killing of other that it spends 160% of the combined sum total spend by the other four nations shown:


If America cut its Military spending by $200 Billion a year, it would effectively reduce Federal spending by Ten Percent – more if we subtract the pay-as-you-go self-funding elements like Social Security.

Eliminate the costs associated with going to other lands to murder people, and the Military Budget can be cut by ten percent, then, what’s left, can be cut reduced by another 40%.

But Republicans LIKE KILLING people … so it isn’t going to happen – at least not until America crumbles under their self-hatred and disrespect for POTUS and the people.

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