Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liberals Pretend the Bible and Sharia Law are the Same–because the evil utilizing them is the same

Christian heritage is to murder or convert Jews -- so as to prevent the Messiah from returning. It has been so from the writing of St Augustine through the Inquisition, witch hunt era, and right up to the Holocaust.

The Islamic Terrorists asserting Jihad, have picked up the mantel and want the destruction of Israel -- which their Koran says will be ruled by a Jewish Messiah, the same Messiah as the Christians assert -- thus they are in full agreement with traditional Christianity... murder the Messiah before he can manifest as the leader of the Army in White which is charged with killing both groups.

That Army in White, defined in Revelation, is the TRUE Jihadist Army which will be lead by a Messiah who shall appear in/from the clouds (in today's age, there is no mysticism, it will be a great Jewish leader who probably arrives by Helicopter).

If there is any truth in the Christian Prophecy, we are in the era of Revelation ... and it began with Hitler in 1929, with the Rapture (divine lifting/saving of at least 144,000 Jews) being masked by the Holocaust.

The ancients were not to know the Timeline -- so they were denied specific starting dates and simply told two increments of roughly 1000 years. Since we are in it, we can narrow the dates to the period between 1929 and 2069, with Sir Isaac Newton properly determining 2033/4 to be critical -- doubt that and ask why all the climate change and population decline dates also focus on 2034. The charts are online on PINTEREST and discussion is in the books "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era"; "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Please ignore them, we do not want to alter that which was predicted -- and the Republican party, like the Nazi before them, have work to do…

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