Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A republican target

We can tell the Republicans are anti-Christ … despite, or maybe because of, their Evangelical base.

They attack SNAP (Food Stamps) in America, how much harder will they work to undermine World Food Needs?

World Food Program’s Struggle to Feed Millions

3.2 million people who have taken refuge in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt severely straining the resources of these countries.

On Monday, after months of warnings that it’s running out of money, the W.F.P. announced that it had been forced to suspend the critical program.’  The W.F.P. said it needs $64 million right away to restore the program through the end of the year, a piddling sum by global economic standards.

The United States provided the agency with $70 million for the vouchers last week, and another $55 million toward food deliveries in Syria.  THUS, given the Republican denouncements of those on SNAP, it is clear the money came from the Democrats and Obama – thus, if there is any blessing from Jesus for those who feed the poor and hungry, it will be EXCLUSIVELY bestowed upon the Democrats and Obama.

As the Republicans now control both houses of Congress, the curses and hardship afforded those alleged Christian who violate the dictates will certainly fall upon America.  Thus the fulfilling of the prophecy is upon their heads:

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

NOTE: The vouchers are similar to debit cards, which recipients can use to buy food in local shops. An advantage of the system is that it injects money into the economies of countries hosting the refugees, helping them with the enormous burden of supporting so many refugees.  Thus, the much hated (by Republicans) EBT CARDS come to the hungry of the world and demonstrate that they build an economy.  Clearly an OBAMA Slap in the face inflicted upon the Tea Party and their idiot backers.

As one W.F.P. official said, “When it comes to food, the thing is, you can’t not have it.”  Which is why RREPUBLICANS HATE SNAP … it stops them from killing people via anonymous starvation, in the same way that outlawing abortion allowed them to kill women who suffered life threatening complications due to the nature of the pregnancy – or the complications resulting illegal abortion.

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