Saturday, September 06, 2014

Maine State Senator David C. Burns

Maine State Senator David C. Burns seems to be proud of being stupid -- he's talking of "Welfare Fraud because EBT cards are used out of state and at liquor stores.
Like many of his colleagues, and Gov Le Page, Burns is out of touch with reality: 
First, people on Social Security, minimum wage and many in the Military, get EBT cards (Food Stamps) and they do travel, and do need to eat when traveling.
Second, Liquor stores sell food and accept EBT cards for that purpose -- the computers generally block non-qualified purchases, so no booze or smokes can be purchased (unless the cash allotment is used - but that's not fraud).
Also, wonder of wonders, even the Irving Station will accept EBT cards -- for the food they sell, or purchases with the cash allotment.
Hence, Burns and his fellow "Big Brother" idiots seem to want to micro-manage the use of the cash allotment which was added to the EBT cards specifically to reduce the overhead associated with such payments.
To put it another way -- people on social security are not allowed to smoke or drink, of buy oil or gas for their cars.
As LePage said, Social Security is Welfare -- and those on it ware a drain on society.   They certainly should not be allowed to visit their kids, or grandkids in other states -- nor should anyone earning a below poverty level minimum wage be allowed to travel (even if it is a part of their job).
WE NEED the Federal government to raise the minimum wage and social security -- that's the only way to counter the "Big Brother" system of oppression that seems to be prevalent in today's destructive political environment.

But reality dictates that they are seeking to destroy the society, with the blessing of the third who back the Tea Party … so look carefully to November – it shall mark the clear beginning of the end for America, and fellows like David C. Burns  and Paul LePage will be cheering that downfall

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