Sunday, May 18, 2014


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development lists the highest current minimum wage as Luxembourg' at $10.66 an hour, followed by France at $10.60, Australia at $10.21, Belgium at $9.97, and the Netherlands at $9.48. The U.S. minimum wage of $7.25 came tenth on the list. The OECD adjusted figures for spending power.
With the Swiss taking first place by setting their minimum wage at $24.40 an hour.

Think about this: the USA is, based on GOP policies, wildly anti-immigration; internationally, minimum wages attract labor ... skilled and unskilled. The unskilled come for the obvious reason, the skilled need to learn a language to better use that skill, so the higher wage allows them better status while they are learning.
As a nation opposed to foreign workers, it,will be difficult for the presidential in-sourcing efforts to work ... those foreign firms will want to bring their low level specialists to initiate systems while training American workers. While low minimums make products cheap, they also require domestic education be equal to the foreign alternatives ... and again, GOP policies oppose education.
Given the opposition to all things Obama, we can expect the current state of the TEA PARTY agenda to continue and the economy to drag at slightly better than 2007-2008 levels... at least for the next two years ... at which point expect the TEA PARTY to throw the USA into a recession comparable to, or greater than the Bush recession of 2007/8.
Climate Change will then create a dust bowl of 1930s proportions while the rest of the world prepares ... leaving the USA to choke on its own policies.
Fun times ahead ... all determined by the 2014 midterm election results ... which I forecast as national suicide on historic levels ... for DEATH OVER LIFE is the way the nation will vote.

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