Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pope Francis affirms SAINT PAUL’S JOKE

“We renew our closeness and solidarity to the Jewish people, our big brothers, and pray to God that the memory of the past and of the sins of the past helps us to be always vigilant against every form of hate and intolerance,” Francis told thousands in St. Peter’s Square in his Sunday mass [10 Nov 2013].

In saying that, Francis affirmed that former Catholic  actions were sins of the type described in “Saint Paul’s Joke” .

Attacks on Jews, along with efforts to convert them, are basically an attack on Jesus himself.

Would Jesus worship Jesus rather than HaShem?  Would he eat pork, or shellfish?  Would he, as they did in the Middle Ages, avoid bathing and refrain from washing when touching something dirty?

At one level, Francis has denounced the Inquisition – as well as all those connected with it.  It is, in terms of the 900 year-old prophecy of St. Malachy, an act which PETER would be expected to perform.

 We Are Family: Pope Francis called the Jewish people the ‘Big Brothers’ of his Roman Catholic flock during a speech in memorial of Kristallnacht.

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