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Back in the 1920’s, Edgar Cayce said the Great Lakes would flow into the Gulf of Mexico – as an ocean-like river.  Now Global Warming is a known reality … still denied by those who hate reality and love inflicting hardship on others.

Oxford-based scientist Prof Norman Myers - including one published in 1995 and another in 2005.

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The disappearing map

Map of world

A claim made by Norman Myers, that 50 million people would become climate refugees by 2010, was shown in 2011 to have been wrong – the UN Environment Program dropped the map they posted to their website…  But that doesn’t mean the sea levels are not rising and the illustrated areas will not sink below the waves… it just means that the timing assumptions were off… the melting ice caps are a reality and, in parts of the world, the increased rain is also a reality.

THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK (published c.1980,and now out of print) covered all this as interlocking prophecies chosen with the criteria that the individuals cited had to be dead before the prophecy could be deemed qualified to be tested.

For our purposes, the major population centers of America and China – and all of the Philippines – seem to be the focal points:


How many contiguous locations are less than five feet above current sea levels?  Those will be what vanishes…

How many homes and businesses are there?  How many people?

New York City?  Think an American Venice with it’s current streets forming the undersea foundation of a new city – one with a fraction of the people.  The Philippines?  That will be gone… as will most of the Caribbean … When?  Give it 100 years … so, in reality, why should we care?  We will all be dead before they have to deal with the realities.

Of course… there will be a level on migration much sooner … but, again, todays baby boom generation will be gone before it really becomes a problem.

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