Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prediction for 2035 to 2037

In 2035/7, a “Carrington Event” -- a solar storm synchronized to the planet in exactly the way necessary to trigger an especially fierce geomagnetic storm which will light up the sky and communication wires around the world will be frazzled … effectively, the world will be cast into a Stone Age that will last as long as a decade.

Islamic extremists will start a war (which they will lose) and billions will die.  Areas reliant on wind and solar will suffer the least long-term damage.  Those areas still reliant on centralized grids and fossil fuels will be the most devastated.


Those living today, who are still alive in 2035 should find life to be a tad on the  interesting side…. make that anyone born after 1975… we can expect other events to affect those who are born before 1975 …

The tone of the next two presidential elections will set the stage for America to be at the forefront of the problem, or the solution.  I’m betting on America contributing to the basic forces of destruction of a major segment of humanity …  I’m betting the Evangelicals and Republicans will continue their current activities … and thus be the cause of humanity’s doom.


Look at what they have done in Congress… and what their man, LePage, has done in Maine.  As Maine Goes, So Goes The Nation.

If LePage wins any future election, the nation dies.

It’s all a function of Saint Paul’s Joke and Isaac Newton’s calculations.

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