Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resignation seen from “Saint Paul’s Joke”

That said, here are some coincidences to ponder:
The Second Temple was destroyed in a Sabbatical Year;
The next Sabbatical Year (Shmita) will be in 2015/16; 
In 2015, Passover falls on April 4 , assuming he lives that long, Benedict XVI will be twelve days short of 88;
Benedict was born Joseph Ratzinger, on Saturday 16 April; his first day of life was Passover, April 17 (Nisan 15);  (The next Passover, from Benedict’s resignation, falls on March 25) 
ben Yoseph (Joseph Ratzinger) precedes ben David.  The world as we know it changes dramatically; Isa (Islamic Jesus) will then lead the Islamic nations in a war-to-end-all-war against the ‘bad Christians’ – in the Apocalypse of St. John, the prophetic final book of the New
Testament, we learn a great deal about the Church of Rome and its Protestant derivatives.  But that’s for a later chapter, and  considerations of sexual segregation, superstitious violence and
modern evidence of a pattern of poverty.


DUH since all be the resignation are in the 2012 book,  “Saint Paul’s Joke” , those who read it already knew something strange was in the wind.

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