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Those who present Biblical Calendars – Hebrew Calendars, as the basis for dating the various patriarchs  – generally demonstrate the same basic error … an error of one year associated the Noah and the Flood Deluge.

1. Shem and his brothers are introduced when Noah is 500 years old.

2. Noah is 600 when the Deluge occurs – flooding the world.

3. The waters, which fall over forty days and nights, take a full year to subside… a point which marks the end of the flood.  Noah would be 601 years old.

4. Shem, the only child for whom we have dates, then fathers a child – born TWO YEARS AFTER the Flood.  Noah would be 603.

5. We are told that, when Shem becomes a father, he is 100 years old.  Therefore, Shem was born when Noah was 503, which is three years after he and his brothers are first mentioned.


In terms of the Calendar, Shem’s son is born in the Hebrew year of 1660.  The full Biblical Calendar is explained in "Genesis of Genesis" by William Lawrence Lipton and is available at (click the underlined link).

For more data, you might also like to read, “Grandpa Was A Deity” ... also at… in which you will discover the genetic link between the world’s most famous astrological sites.

It should be noted that Hasidic Calendars generally present the lack of adjustment for the Shem Error as ‘gospel’ and therefore is therefore guilty of the most egregious misrepresentation of what should be a simple tabulation to anyone qualified to be called, or represent themselves as, a Talmudic Scholar.        

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The time line I did calculated Noahs age as 502 when he had shem. See this page for an explanation on why I calculate from the start of the flood: