Thursday, July 05, 2012

Orthodox Jews no better than their Islamic counterparts.

'No Women on Sidewalk' Signs Removed in Town


Published July 05, 2012.

A sign calling for women to avoid using sidewalks in order to avoid contact with men was removed from a neighborhood in Beit Shemesh.

The sign was removed Wednesday night after a complaint from a female city resident, Nili Phillip, who told the Ynet news site that she has been the victim of an attack for not dressing modestly in the past, when a rock was thrown at her head by a haredi Orthodox man.

City inspectors removed the sign in an effort to avoid confrontation. The signs had been removed the previous summer but were replaced, according to reports.

Beit Shemesh, a Jerusalem suburb, has been the site of violence against women by extremist haredi Orthodox men over the past several months.

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In the Koran, 33:58-59 tells us that the wives of True Believers should  should “draw their veils close around them.  That is more proper, so that they may be recognized and not be molested.”

Look at those words: “may be recognized and not be molested.”  Those women who are not “recognized” either as True Believers, or their wives, are obviously, and normally, subject to molestation.  The words of the Koran infer that molesting women is a normal action for those in the founding nation of Islamic  -- the place of origin of The Prophet.  In other words, Arabs are inherently immoral, and disrespectful … and the street signs in Beit Shemesh show that Orthodox Jewish men are are even less moral, less able to respect women – of any group. 

The disgusting thing is – these pigs are are so proud of their lack of self control, that they place the burden to stop their perversions on the women they wish to victimize.  It’s like the Arabs and Islamists who whip the woman who is raped – because she was raped…. or claim it a HONOR issue to kill the woman – the rape victim who is their wife or daughter.  Or worse, force the victim to marry her attacker… so that he might claim her as property and beat her whenever he wishes.

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