Monday, September 05, 2011

No Longer “Secret” Knowledge

- Secret Knowledge of/in The Bible -

For centuries, there have been rumors and Legends that there is some secret knowledge hidden in the Bible.  We have the Kabala beliefs – which place significance in the numeric values of Hebrew letters.  We have the Masonic beliefs.   The legends continue into modern times and structures.

In “Before the Pyramids”, Christopher Knight talks about an artifact – one so old, so ancient, it might well have been held by Enoch – buried beneath Washington DC.  Our nation’s capital is the focus of his speculation, because it is laid out in accordance with an astrological plan.  There is a geometry and symmetry in the City Plan – one which dates back to prehistoric times and the first people to examine the stars for a pattern.

Of course, knight also mentions that, “According to Masonic legend” the flood did its worst and ‘Enoch’s Delta’ remained safe beneath the Temple  rock in Jerusalem until the time of David and Solomon – as related in The Book of Enoch. 

But the reality of the secret knowledge is exposed in “Grandpa Was A Deity”.  To the modern mind, those who have set superstition aside and no longer think as children, the secret is not that amazing.  What is truly amazing is the mannedr of the secret and the fact that they were able to encode it into an orally transmitted history – one which linked key points with actual events, and thereby ensured a linkage would be kept to the memories of those entrusted to relay the information.

It will, undoubtedly, take many books – by many authors knowledgeable in the intricacies of determining retrograde astrological alignments and their related observable cycles – to generate the formula used to create Genesis.  It might well prove that there were several interlinks involving multiple relationships – each one of “religious’” or “historic” significance.   It is clear that there are links to known events which coincide exactly with astrological periods locked into the Book’s chronology.

For me – subject to clear and compelling absolute proof to the contrary – it is enough that it was my ancestors, my y-DNA line, who designed the  the document after they discovered the knowledge it contains. 

It is also interesting that subsequent scrolls – the letters of Saul of Tarsus, St. Paul” – show that it was the intention of one man to ensure that the information would not be revealed to the “gentiles”.  And, as you will learn in  “Grandpa Was A Deity”, another man restored that information – while ensuring that the ignorant and superstitious among the gentiles would violate the spiritual contract which Paul imposed as “Faith”, and St. Augustine later termed “Grace”.  But, that you will learn at a later date – if I get around to writing, specifically revealing, “St. Paul’s Joke”.

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