Friday, September 30, 2011

Is this an “Aryan” Book ? It is the true story

There is a fact that is obvious to those who have either bought the book, or read a Free Preview of “Grandpa Was A Deity” at Google Scribd:

“Grandpa Was A Deity” appears to be an Aryan – or Indo-European – approach to explaining away advanced technology: Things like domesticated horses and chariots … or knowing the seasons and time of year … which means predicting eclipse cycles … and mastering medical knowledge.

For racists – who take the Hitler-like approach to being Aryan:  If your DNA doesn’t match, you aint no Aryan!  If you aint too bright, you aint no Aryan!  If you are a Little Abner type and also gobble down pork chops, you aint no Aryan!

If you think Hitler, who was Hg-Eb1 – therefore of the same African origin genetic tribe Barack Obama belongs to – is the symbol of “white supremacy” … well, we already know you’re probably dumber than a doorknob and don’t understand that:  Hitler declared the Aryans the Master Race … and than attacked the Aryans when he attacked the Ashkenazi-Levites and Russians … and yes, the Roma Gypsy …

If you want to know how our culture developed, and where its roots lay, at the very least, you want to read: 

The Free Preview of “Grandpa Was A Deity” at Google Scribd:

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