Sunday, June 05, 2011

How it will work

"leveling war" ... wars tend to eliminate people and property -- the property needs to be rebuilt and is done so with the best available technology (in this case, most energy efficient or 'green' technology)  that resets population and damage to environment -- leveling existing distortions.  We will push toward war -- especially in the middle east ... they have not planned for the disappearance of their oil and so have no future revenue stream  ... making them ripe for al Qaeda types.  You'll note al Qaeda moved to the region adjacent to the largest population groups -- nice place to recruit and hide until there is a serious war... at which point there is rapid population depletion.

China's one child policy, with the family bias for males, has produced a male surplus within the military age range -- nobody in the media has mentioned it  ... but the Chinese could field a ground force that could take ten to one losses and still over-run any probable combined military force.  That means any opponents would need to us WMDs rather than troops ... depleting general populations rather quickly.

Those who are drawing from our system for "Entitlements" are actually keeping the society going ... if we had universal healthcare, we would eliminate the depleting economic effect of private insurers and cut real medical costs ... As to entitlements, they are spent locally and therefore play into the economic multiplier effect (every dollar introduced into a healthy local economy circulates seven to ten times before leaving it).  Having to pay for insurance removes funds from the local economy and send them to the insurance company to be invested where there is the highest return -- generally in off shore or outsourced businesses -- erasing that multiplier.  ("The Most Harm to Most People" effect promoted by Bush et al)

Give someone a dollar for entitlement/social security/etc and they spend it locally -- no foreign investment -- it circulates so as to become $7 to $10 of economic growth and eventually reaches banks which invest it in local loans, or it leaves to by the materials that are purchased in local stores.  As each entitlement dollar circulates, it produces tax revenues which bring the cost of entitlement to zero and, in a healthy local economy, generate a surplus tax revenue over and above property taxes.

The baby boomers spend or save for the next generation -- as they pass, the value they accumulate passes to raise standards for next generation ... in terms of property, we need immigration ... people to buy real assets (vacated homes) and add additional productive younger bodies to the economic multiplier cycle.  Immigrants relieve the burden on their own countries and so, effectively, raise the per capita standard of living of of their former country through the act of leaving it.  Once her, as taxpayers, they contribute to Social Security and keep that account healthy.

If we want to hurt the society, first privatize Social Security (had Bush achieved this, stock market & property bubble would have whipped out Social Security plunging nation into real a Depression); second, privatize Healthcare coverage through insurance companies whose motivation is to deny benefits -- thus making the society sick and diverting funds from local economies.  Finally, block immigration and mandate the birth of children who cannot survive, or are unwanted, or are born in to homes which cannot support them -- while cutting funding to education and thus ensuring a non-productive future genberation.

"The Most Harm to Most People" summarized in terms of already well publicized GOP "Conservative" policies.  Also not that the "fiscally responsible" Conservatives -- ala Reagan & Bush each doubled the national debt, while the spendthrift Clinton etc administrations generated a surplus.  

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