Saturday, April 02, 2011

Query & Response


So, do you believe everything in your life is controlled by fate?
If so....does that mean we can make no mistakes.....or wrong choices?
If fate presents all the choices and will simply present them again if we we say "No thank you" the first time around, then why would discernment even be necessary?
Do you feel we are sometimes tempted by those things that are not good for us ultimately? 
And if so.....who is doing the presenting of those temptations?
Christians believe Satan is the one who tempts us to do evil or to partake of those things, which are not good for us ultimately.  How do you explain these temptations in terms of the "fates"?


Fates are funny ... they allow us to screw-up ... if it amuses them ... and to succeed ... if it amuses them ...but they only take an interest in those worth the effort ...
The rest of us get to screw-up all by ourselves.
Consider that all possibilities must be played out ... thus the need for choices and combinations of choices ... I believe it falls under the science of quantum universe ... a new universe for each choice.  Of course, that would mean a combination of choices that would negate themselves and the universe they are in ...
there are no temptations -- only choices ... to be part of an ongoing universe or one that self-cancels.
The idea of Satan is purely Christian -- denial of responsibility for their own choices to be evil... their choice to follow Paul's Doctrine rather than Peter's ... to build off the foundation (Rock) rather than on it.
Biblically, Satan is an idiot who doesn't get it (JOB) and asks simple minded questions (Desert with Jesus).  The Biblical Satan hasn't the intelligence to create evil ... he just hasn't the brains to avoid stumbling into it.

The Fates don't tempt -- they direct.  Think of a boat on a river and they are the rudder keeping things midstream to the current.  They don't care about the crap that's drifting down -- unless it will hurt the boat -- they just want the boat to stay with the flow until the journey is over.  

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