Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Gift that keeps taking

Budget News: “CBO: U.S. budget deficit to reach $1.5 trillion in 2011, highest ever” … “If Congress instead continues to extend the Bush tax cuts and other expensive policies, the nation will rack up an additional $12 trillion in debt through 2021, pushing the total debt held by the public and other investors close to 100 percent of the economy -- uncharted territory in modern times.” (Washington Post 26 Jan)

To date, Reagan and Bush have the record for budget deficits … finally a Democrat gets into the action – thanks to Bush.   But gee … this also means that Bin Laden has gotten his wish … he wanted the USA to have a trillion dollar deficit and the economic cascade effect has granted his wish.

It is now up to Congress.  Will they vote to destroy the economy, or save it?  Destruction means more debt – giving billions to the wealth and bleeding the poor. 

The Most Harm to the Most People

We know how the GOP will vote. 

We know how those who want to destroy America will vote.

We know how those who are owned by Al-Qaeda will vote.

Expect the tax benefits for the richest to be increased and for them to invest their funds in additional outsourcing of basic industries.

The Most Harm to the Most People. 

It is the Fundamentalist, Right-wing, American way.

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