Monday, December 06, 2010

Saudi+Bush=Al Qaeda

Opening line from “1. Wikileaks: Saudis, Gulf States Big Funders of Terror Groups by David Lev” Published by Arutz Sheva

Despite its ostensible position as one of the West's key allies in fighting Islamic terror, it turns out, via Wikileaks, that Saudi Arabia is the source of the lion's share of funding for the world's worst terror groups – including Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hamas, and others.


After first President Bush told Saddam it was OK to protect Iraq’s oil interests, the Saudi’s screamed, and Bush initiated the Gulf War.  After Bush left office, the Saudis funneled millions in no-show “consulting fees”, into Bush’s pockets, through a Canadian shell organization.  How many thousands of Americans died because Bush took “a bribe” from a terrorist financier?

Of course Saddam embarrassed Bus #1 and so Bush #2 (probably hoping to receive his own no-show income) used al Qaeda as an excuse to attack Iraq – more soldiers died through Bush’s actions that civilians died on 9/11.   More important, Bush #2 declared that Bin Laden was irrelevant to the war on terror … the leader of the Saudi funded terrorist attack on American and Europe is “irrelevant”.  The Saudi Terrorist Organization is “irrelevant”?

How much has Bush #2 made from Saudi related organizations?  How much has been funneled through his “oil business”?  How many millions have been paid “off-the-books”?  How many more Americans will die because the Saudis want us dead and our GOP leadership is on board with it?

To achieve “THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE” demands that the GOP oppose all medical coverage to an aging population; it demands that we reduce the disposable income available to those on Social Security (hence reduce the money in circulation and, through the effects of the “economic multiplier”, create a negative effect 7-10 times as large).  To create HARM requires a unity of action designed to achieve that end in a way that is “below the radar.”  Convince people that it is in their short term interest and the  will go out of their way to destroy themselves -- or their children.

In 1974, short term thinking demanded lower energy costs over conservation – to the extent that Reagan removed the symbolic (but practically effective) solar collectors from the White House.  We should have encouraged the same fuel efficiency demanded today by those nations that are NOT suffering from the economic bubble that we just witnessed bursting.  Look to the GOP and its supporters to oppose LNG ports, Wind Farms and anything else which offers long-term economic benefits.  Also look for their actions to be “backdoor” and “below the obvious, popular-media, radar.”  Anything which will HURT the Social Security recipient (approaching half the population), deny us workers for entry level positions (left vacant by the baby-bust), or reduce our competitiveness by reducing educational funding and opportunities (from kindergarten to grad-school), will be top on their agenda.  Also look for them to win win win … Americans must be proved stupid and nothing p[roves that better than voting against ones own children, or long-term interests … HENCE look to an increase in the deficits combined with, and amplified by, tax reductions.  Why not buy another Starbucks coffee today so that your grandchildren can live in poverty because they “owe-their-souls-to-(foreign)-company-stores”?   

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